Saving Cicadas

Saving Cicadas

Nicole A. Seitz / Feb 29, 2020
Saving Cicadas It was about four years ago the last trip we ever took together my mother sister grandparents and me Course we didn t know it at the time You never know something like that like it s the last one
  • Title: Saving Cicadas
  • Author: Nicole A. Seitz
  • ISBN: 9781595545039
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was about four years ago, the last trip we ever took together my mother, sister, grandparents and me Course, we didn t know it at the time You never know something like that, like it s the last one you ll ever get, till it s just a memory, hanging like mist This is what happened that summer, true as I can tell it Not a one of us was ever the same Part road trip, It was about four years ago, the last trip we ever took together my mother, sister, grandparents and me Course, we didn t know it at the time You never know something like that, like it s the last one you ll ever get, till it s just a memory, hanging like mist This is what happened that summer, true as I can tell it Not a one of us was ever the same Part road trip, part mystery, and completely unexpected, Saving Cicadas picks you up in one place and puts you down someplace else entirely It s an eloquent reminder that life is a miracle and even the smallest soul is a gift.ABA Indie Next Book 2010
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        Nicole Seitz is a South Carolina Lowcountry native, the author of seven critically acclaimed novels, and editor of a non fiction anthology A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill s School of Journalism, she also has a bachelor s degree in illustration from Savannah College of Art Design Nicole is a speaker on writing, art, and faith she s a painter and has illustrated the covers for her novels She also taught art for many years at a local private school in the Charleston, South Carolina area, where she lives with her husband and two children Nicole s latest release, The Cage maker, is a Southern Gothic historical mystery based on discoveries she made while researching her own family history in New Orleans.


    1. The author drew me in with a well told story and then let me down at the end when I discovered this was Christian Fiction and had an anti abortion message

    2. I selected this book thinking it would be an appealing addition to my growing collection of Southern fiction Nothing in the description prepared me for the overwhelming Christian elements and the heavy handed anti abortion message that form the basis for the narrative Though the characters of Janie, Rainey and Priscilla are appealing and the folksy tone consistent, I was very disappointed by the way Priscilla s dilemma was treated The talk of God and angels was off putting and overly simplistic [...]

    3. I didn t plan on reading this book I was getting books about cicadas for a grandchild, and this was one I reserved Nice cover, noticed it had larger print and story had 4 generations of family so meant to be And most of the characters were female which I find myself surrounded by too.Many of the chapters are told by either the granddaughter or grandmother directly, but the story s perspective is from the granddaughter, Janie, who is eight The mother, Priscilla, is a single mom with a development [...]

    4. If I could give this zero stars, I would The message was so forceful and over the top, I expected an abortion clinic to be blown up at anytime Why I may agree with what some of the author was trying to say, I do not agree with forcing it down a readers throat Not as advertised.

    5. This book was an utter surprise to me Took me for a nice trip with lots of twists and turns I was lost most of the way, but in the end found the light Saving Cicadas, is a brilliant novel, told mostly from a child s point of view To see the world through innocence, and not know what is going on most of the time, to learn about the Macy family through snippets of ease dropping, grasp my attention through the whole book The story follows the Macy family who is taken on a road trip after Priscilla [...]

    6. On sale December 1A novel of unconditional love and the freedom of letting go When single mother Priscilla Lynn Macy learns she s having another child unexpectedly, she packs the family into the car to escape Eight year old Janie and Rainey Dae, her seventeen year old sister with special needs, embark on the last family vacation they ll ever take with Poppy and Grandma Mona in the back seat The trip seems wayward until Janie realizes they are searching for the father who left them years ago It s [...]

    7. Saving Cicadas is told through the eyes of an 8 yr old girl, Janie, whose family is facing some hard times Her mother has to make a tough decision and Janie wants to help her mother make the right choice Unfortunately, one of those choices she doesn t really understand, but with the help of her grandparents, she soon learns.Some reviewers warned against this book because of its Christian content and anti choice propaganda That caused me to read it and I was not disappointed A charming book fille [...]

    8. This book left me absolutely speechless.At first I was very intrigued by the eight year old girl s perspective of her mom and 17 year old challenged sister I thought, Hey, this is different and Precious What could be better Eventually i got sucked in, holding my breath through every twist and turn And they just kept coming.If you yell at your books prepare to yell and yell and yell You may even throw this book a few times And then you might cry a few times But thats a good thing right

    9. What a fascinating book I was completely caught off guard by the twist that gives this story unbelievable, heart stopping meaning In a world where very little in life is valued as it ought to be, and not enough thought is given to the affects of our decisions along comes a book that, with delicacy and a sweet child s voice, reminds us.

    10. It is impossible to describe this book without giving away spoilers At times it is confusing as to what is what Keep reading it comes together in the end I also really like Seitz s other books and it is amazing that each book is so different from the one before it.

    11. No spoilers here I was a tiny bit confused in the beginning in a way that made me keep reading and I sprinted through the second half of this book I really enjoyed the family mystery and loved the twists

    12. So not what I expected.I was thinking it would be Southern lit, but it was clearly Christian lit and not really the best of either genre Without giving spoilers, the end made me go back to re read earlier scenes to see what I had missed the first time through.which is kinda cool.

    13. Fun, intriguing and plot twisting There is some fantasy in the book, so don t go into it without letting your cynical nature have the day off.

    14. This one was just plain weird It reminded me of the Anne Hathaway film Passengers, which is nowhere close to being one of my favorite movies Christian fiction fans can do better than this.

    15. Definitely a book that has strong messages opinions about abortion but other reviews discussed Christian messages also My only comment then is that I did not know that Christian religions believed in reincarnation Part of the family believes in a higher power but that is not unusual given the book is set in the South which in stereotypes in books is not unusual

    16. This book was amazing I couldn t believe the ending Seitz voice is great The 8 year old protagonist s southern voice was believably an 8 year old, but not annoying This book addresses the highly debated topic of abortion I think this is a great book for everyone to read, regardless of your views on abortion.

    17. FAVORITE of Nicole Seitz s books This story tugs your heart and helps you understand a struggling mother and her children, along with a difficult situation and the decision she faces Important issues are handled with beauty, mercy and grace.

    18. I want to describe Saving Cicadas as deceptively imaginative, but deceptive could cast a negative shade over the story and I don t mean it in any negative way Still, it s true, so I m sticking with it.Saving Cicadas is deceptively imaginative.Nicole Seitz has woven a subtly explosive tale of redemption, hope and fantastical intrigue set in the flatlands of the South It seemed harmless enough When the theme began to emerge from the plot, I sat back, comfortable in my certainty with where the tale [...]

    19. Title SAVING CICADASAuthor Nicole SeitzPublisher Thomas NelsonDecember 2009ISBN 978 1 59554 503 9Genre Inspirational woman s fiction Janie Doe Macy is eight years old when her mother discovers she s pregnant again, with a child she doesn t want Janie s sister is seventeen, and has Downs Syndrome, and Janie s mom, loads everyone up in the family vehicle including Janie s grandparents and leaves her dead end job even though gas prices are pushing 4.00 a gallon, and even though even Janie knows you [...]

    20. In this Christian novel, single mom Priscilla is pregnant for a third time Unsure of what to do next, she loads her two daughters and the grandparents into an old Crown Vic for a road trip They end up at the Victorian house of Priscilla s childhood where family secrets surface and nothing is quite as it seems Priscilla faces unresolved issues from her past as she wrestles with her options regarding the unborn child in her womb.The characters have distinct voices and are colorfully drawn Some you [...]

    21. Have you ever wanted to just chuck it all You know, today you wake up and life is way too much to handle So why not just make the change Jump in the car and go I know that I have felt that way, but never made that leap.While reading Saving Cicadas I felt a kinship with Priscilla Lynn Macy who learns she s having another child unexpectedly so she packs the family into the car to escape In doing so she takes her family we can not runaway without them on a road trip Of course this turns into a myst [...]

    22. Ugh Seriously I d like to leave it at that, but I will just warn that Seitz has a clear agenda with this book to try to make others see abortion through the eyes of a child, the book is written at a low reading level not sure if it is actually intended for a school age audience even comparing her message to that of Harper Lee s in To Kill a Mockingbird, which is just misguided Abortion s a sticky issue, and it s certainly not black and white, nor an issue that most children would be able to full [...]

    23. I was very irritated by this book, which turned out to be a thinly veiled religious superstitious pro life polemic It s about a single mom with two kids and an entirely messed up life who s deciding whether to have an abortion view spoiler Near the end of the book, we find out she actually had had an abortion in her second pregnancy, and the younger daughter is a ghost or angel of some kind who believes herself to be real, and has been following haunting her mother until she can achieve some kin [...]

    24. I am completely torn on this review.I just don t even really have words for this book Nicole Seitz shrouds the entire piece in mystery and only reveals key bits at the end The story itself was beautifully written, it flowed effortlessly and sucked me into the story, even in some places unwittingly Other thoughts I had on this piece is that is had a very literary feel as well as a very sad presence The whole time I was reading I wanted to start weeping for this poor little girl s innocence being [...]

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