A Tip of Balance

A Tip of Balance

Bella Forrest / Feb 17, 2020
A Tip of Balance Whatever came after tonight it was going to be a harrowingly bumpy ride Reunite with the Shadians in the action packed th book of the series A Tip of Balance Pre order now
  • Title: A Tip of Balance
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Whatever came after tonight, it was going to be a harrowingly bumpy ride Reunite with the Shadians in the action packed 48th book of the series A Tip of Balance Pre order now
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        Bella Forrest is a lover of fantasy, romance, action, and mystery infused stories with twists you don t see coming She has sold over seven million books since her first novel was published in 2012 LATEST RELEASES A Shade of Vampire 57 A Charge of Allies Renegades Hotbloods 3 The Girl Who Dared to Lead The Girl Who Dared to Think, Book 5 Sign up to Bella s New Release email list and you ll automatically be notified as soon as her next book is released MoreBellaForrestFind her on Bella Forrest e B00AR2Check out her website bellaforrestList of Bella s books HOTBLOODSHotbloods Book 1 Hotbloods Book 2 ColdbloodsHotbloods Book 3 Renegades Hotbloods Book 4 Venturers March 11, 2018 THE SECRET OF SPELLSHADOW MANORThe Secret of Spellshadow ManorThe Breaker Book 2 The Chain Book 3 The Keep Book 4 The Test Book 5 The Spell Book 6 THE GENDER GAMEThe Gender Game Book 1 The Gender Secret Book 2 The Gender Lie Book 3 The Gender War Book 4 The Gender Fall Book 5 The Gender Plan Book 6 The Gender End Book 7 THE GIRL WHO DARED TO THINKThe Girl Who Dared to Think Book 1 The Girl Who Dared to Stand Book 2 The Girl Who Dared to Descend Book 3 The Girl Who Dared to Rise Book 4 The Girl Who Dared to Lead Book 5 The Girl Who Dared to Endure Book 6 March 22, 2018A SHADE OF VAMPIRE Season 1 Derek Sofia s storyA Shade of Vampire Book 1 A Shade of Blood Book 2 A Castle of Sand Book 3 A Shadow of Light Book 4 A Blaze of Sun Book 5 A Gate of Night Book 6 A Break of Day Book 7 Season 2 Rose Caleb s storyA Shade of Novak Book 8 A Bond of Blood Book 9 A Spell of Time Book 10 A Chase of Prey Book 11 A Shade of Doubt Book 12 A Turn of Tides Book 13 A Dawn of Strength Book 14 A Fall of Secrets Book 15 An End of Night Book 16 Season 3 The Shade continues with a new hero A Wind of Change Book 17 A Trail of Echoes Book 18 A Soldier of Shadows Book 19 A Hero of Realms Book 20 A Vial of Life Book 21 A Fork of Paths Book 22 A Flight of Souls Book 23 A Bridge of Stars Book 24 Season 4 A Clan of NovaksA Clan of Novaks Book 25 A World of New Book 26 A Web of Lies Book 27 A Touch of Truth Book 28 An Hour of Need Book 29 A Game of Risk Book 30 A Twist of Fates Book 31 A Day of Glory Book 32 Season 5 A Dawn of GuardiansA Dawn of Guardians Book 33 A Sword of Chance Book 34 A Race of Trials Book 35 A King of Shadow Book 36 An Empire of Stones Book 37 A Power of Old Book 38 A Rip of Realms Book 39 A Throne of Fire Book 40 A Tide of War Book 41 Season 6 A Gift of ThreeA Gift of Three Book 42 A House of Mysteries Book 43 A Tangle of Hearts Book 44 A Meet of Tribes Book 45 A Ride of Peril Book 46 A Passage of Threats Book 47 A Tip of Balance Book 48 A Shield of Glass Book 49 A Clash of Storms Book 50 Season 7 A Call of VampiresA Call of Vampires Book 51 A Valley of Darkness Book 52 A Hunt of Fiends Book 53 A Den of Tricks Book 54 A City of Lies Book 55 A League of Exiles Book 56 A Charge of Allies Book 57 A Snare of Vengeance Book 58 April 2, 2018A SHADE OF DRAGON TRILOGYA Shade of DragonA Shade of Dragon 2A Shade of Dragon 3 A SHADE OF KIEV TRILOGYA Shade of Kiev A Shade of Kiev 2A Shade of Kiev 3 BEAUTIFUL MONSTER DUOLOGYBeautiful Monster Beautiful Monster 2DETECTIVE ERIN BOND SERIESLights, Camera, GoneWrite, Edit, KillAnd don t forget to come say hello on Facebook facebook AShadeOfVampire Instagram ashadeofvampireTwitter ashadeofvampirebellaforrest


    1. Ms Forrest continues to amaze me with each book written in this series Even after 48 books, I m still on the edge of me seat waiting to see what will happen next I really hope this series never ends because it s so so good

    2. The story of the young Shadians and the Erotopians gets even dangerous and crazy with this book I ve loved this series so much and have enjoyed all the plot lines Will Azazeal finally get what he deserves Can Vita be recused What is going on with The Daughter Will we keep Draven from the evil Eva What will happen to the Nevertide Oracle Every time, I say this has been my favorite series out of all of the books Then Bella creates a new one and it starts all over again and I fall in love even Th [...]

    3. Haven t read this book yet but the series is definitely worth reading I absolutely feel in love with the series and I m on book 2 and it s only the third day of finding the series

    4. Doing goodThe book has suspense and action pack It was sad in one place, that I almost cry Still can t wait to see if they get to go home An who will be going home with them As one of the characters said in one of the other books The island was becoming a zoo.

    5. Excellent I really enjoy the writing style of this author I would recommend her to friends and family I gladly give my 5 star rating.

    6. Edge of your seat excitement the entire book You keep craving what s gonna happen next there is no putting it down Watch the gang rush to save Vita and figure out their next move, love continues to grow as they fight to save Eritopia Get ready and hold on tight

    7. amazing i was kept on the edge of my seat i can t wait to see what happens next in the fight to defeat that monster.

    8. Yes Another great one I can t wait for the next to see what s next I love Serena s and draven s chemistry I can t wait until they can actually make love I feel so bad for Phoenix, the daughters need to have their asses kicked and give him his Viola back Glad that Aida and Field finally professed their love I hope that bijark gets vita back soon I can t wait for them to gather and finally kick some ass and get ertopia back This series is a must read

    9. I seriously dragged feet reading this one but that s just because it was sooo intense Very happy with the pace after how slow the last book was The ending tho Glad there is only 2 books because reguardless of how much I love this cast, I miss the shade I might put the series down after this just to let it build some because the waiting between books is not fun for me.

    10. Once as formulaic as possibleI don t know why I am reading these, except that it only takes me an hour and I keep hoping SOMETHING will have changed SMH I believe the person who repeatedly performs the same actions expecting to get different outcomes isn t terribly smart and somehow I feel as if I ve been doing that with each of these books hmm says something about me doesn t it LOL I hate feeling as if Any book is a waste of an hour, but there are so many GOOD books out there Not insipid dreck [...]

    11. Love this seriesI ve read all 48books and haven t been disappointed in one If you haven t read this series I highly recommend it By the time you get to end all 50 books will have been completed and you won t have to impatiently wait for them like I am I really dread the ending Miss Bella draws you into the life of the Shade Each book is different and there are so many different species she comes up with keeps everything interesting

    12. Shade 48Totally awesome and grasping taking on off their seatI can t wait till 49 or was sad when phonex tried to reach out to his parents I wonder why they could see him but not hear him it will be interesting to see how it unfoldsextremely well written.ank you Bella Forrest for giving others the opportunity to read your stories

    13. Just brilliantAnother great installment for the shade series Fast paced and full of twist you can t unravel until the author chooses to let you Can t wait for the next one to hopefully see the end of evil that threatens everyone

    14. Another amazing bookWow Another amazing book from Bella, I don t know how she thinks of the stories but wow are they brilliant I honestly don t know how it s going to end Can t wait for the next one xxx

    15. Too Little ActionNormally I am able to read through the SOV books in one sitting This one dragged on way too much I kept getting bored and losing interest Very little actually happened Too much time spent describing the creatures and surroundings Not my favorite.

    16. THE SHADEEEEOmg The story ,the characters, the twist and turns, love ,list,gain,new world s, new concept s What can I say ,The Shade has been a fantastic ride and it still continues, Best Series

    17. Friends and FoesExcellent fast paced read plenty of action and suspense love the story and the development of the story and romantic twists with the characters can t wait for the next

    18. Love it, yhis story line is juat as good at the start as it is at the end choping at the bits for the nezt oneChopping at the bit for the next book o hope she keeps writhing I have become obsiswd wiyh this serous

    19. A Shade of Vampire 48 A Tip of Balance by Bella ForestThis book was fantastic and full of excitement It kept me reading non stop from beginning to end I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

    20. Sooo Good This series is sooo good I can t wait to see how it will end Will the people of the Shade come to the rescue I can t wait to find out Thank you Bella for sleepless nights

    21. It s getting goodYes, the end is finally telling us that the next book is gonna have some Action I had a hard time getting into this series was dragging out some, but now finally we re getting to the good parts Watch out Azazel, the shade is coming for youhehe

    22. I don t know how BF does it but she always manages to get me completely enthralled in her books she keeps it new and fresh and exciting love this series

    23. Great readFull of action and edge of your seat moments and new creatures to keep your interest More lost secrets revealed.

    24. wow so many things happend in this book it s one off her best and that will tell something because they are all 5 stars or thanks Bella for writing such good stories

    25. Another good one Serena and daven are my favorite pairing of the group Even though it s so hard to chose one I have loved every book so far

    26. ExhilaratingThis just keeps getting better.just when i think I m going to go to bed something crazy and unexpected happens Wow just wow.

    27. Book 48I love the shade of vampire series Each book has amazing characters It s amazing to see the evolution from book 1 to book 48 I cannot put the books down

    28. Oh my goodness this series just gets better and better I mean WOW so much action and adventure and just plain awesomeness

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