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Rent In these pages Rent offers what most theater books can t a chance to step behind the curtain and feel the electricity of a stage phenomenon as it unfolds Rent has single handedly reinvigorated Broadw
  • Title: Rent
  • Author: Jonathan Larson
  • ISBN: 9780688154370
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In these pages, Rent offers what most theater books can t a chance to step behind the curtain and feel the electricity of a stage phenomenon as it unfolds.Rent has single handedly reinvigorated Broadway and taken America by storm Sweeping all major theater awards, including the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for drama, as well as four 1996 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best BIn these pages, Rent offers what most theater books can t a chance to step behind the curtain and feel the electricity of a stage phenomenon as it unfolds.Rent has single handedly reinvigorated Broadway and taken America by storm Sweeping all major theater awards, including the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for drama, as well as four 1996 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score for a Musical, Rent captures the heart and spirit of a generation, refleting it onstage through the emotion of its stirring words and music, and the energy of its young cast Now, for the first time, Rent comes to life on the page through vivid color photographs, the full libretto, and an utterly compelling behind the scenes oral history of the show s creation Here is the exclusive and absolutely complete companion to Rent, told in the voices of the extraordinary talent behind its success the actors, the director, the producers, and the librettist and composer himself, Jonathan Larson, whose sudden death, on the eve of the first performance, has made Rent s life affirming message all the poignant.
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        Jonathan Larson was an American Tony Award winning composer and playwright who lived in New York City and authored musicals, including Rent and Tick, Tick BOOM These musicals tackle serious issues such as multiculturalism, addiction, homophobia, and the AIDS epidemic His artistic vision and goal was to fuse Generation X and the MTV Generation with the world of musical theatre in his work This mission was accomplished by his magnum opus, Rent, for which he was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and won four Tony Awards.


    1. I will never get tired of the emotions that I feel whenever I read see this play Set in the 1980s during the AIDS crisis, this story based on La Boheme chronicles the lives of different people in New York City who are impacted by the disease Mimi the infected but vibrant young dancer Roger the infected brooding musician Joanne and Maureen are an opposites attract lesbian couple, and Collins and Angel are an interesting pair also infected with the virus Mark is the one who chronicles it all on ca [...]

    2. The Rent Bible is the perfect book to prop open immerse yourself into the world of Rent The photos are amazing There s a full libretto Much much If you re a Renthead, you must pick this book up.

    3. Jonathan Larson 1960 1996 Stay true to yourself and to your dreams and know they can come true JL At some point in their lives, most creative people have to decide whether to apply their talents to a moneymaking career, or pour them purely into artistic en devours and pay their bills with a day job Art is about love the love you never got as a child, the love you can t give as an adult the love you can only give your work JL Does anyone really appreciate life when they re living it Thorton Wilde [...]

    4. A brilliant musical with a brilliant book It deals with taboo issues such as grieving, loss, sexuality, gender and HIV AIDS In keeping with these themes, the music is rather raw and emotional with songs like I ll Cover You Reprise and What You Own being personally tear worthy A criticism is that, while the plot is strong, the characterisation is rather weak Mark s character s plot line, being the main character and narrator, is only vaguely touched upon in the first act, in La Vie Boheme with th [...]

    5. I m a huge fan so this was a beautifully illustrated insight into Jonathan Larson who is one of my heroes.

    6. So here s the thing Rent is kinda shitty Like, this play actually deeply hurts and offends me.Sure, the music s nice and all well, some of the time but honestly its attempts at updating Puccini s La Boheme to fit AIDS crisis era New York are actually seriously surface level and are I hate to be that person actually kinda simplify the whole issue to the point that it s basically rewriting a VERY ugly part of history to be this horribly sanitised piece of fluff This musical is to the AIDS pandemic [...]

    7. I don t get it Rent is loved by so many for its music, its themes, and its outlook, so I don t want to besmirch something that clearly brings others joy Suffice it to say, while Larson had musical talent, I find both the libretto and the lyrics to be quite amateur, and I think it does little justice to the characters involved.Or maybe I m just too hopelessly bourgeois As a creative myself, I find the idea of people refusing to get real jobs to support their artistic careers to be just too ideali [...]

    8. There isn t really a plot to this book This book consists of information about the musical RENT It includes lyrics, pictures, biographies and almost any other question you could have about RENT I enjoyed reading this book The musical meant a lot to me and to read this and be able to find out countless fun facts about it was amazing.There is no true characterization in this book It allows the reader to learn about the actors, writer and crew.There is no setting for this book It was written short [...]

    9. I absolutely love Rent I think that this book gives a good behind the scenes look of how the show was created and what the creative team went through to make the show presentable to an audience It is very sad in my opininon that Jonathan Larson the creator of the show did not get a chance to see all of the success that Rent has had over the years No Day but Today

    10. Reading a musical you are pretty familiar with is interesting because you start to notice weird little word choices I d explain , but I m not sure I would be able to adequately articulate it Still good, just wayyyyyy 90s than I d like to remember.

    11. The book to own for any Renthead It contains lots of information about Jonathan Larson s life, including interviews from family, friends, and colleagues It has the full show libretto, plus pictures on every page Great coffee table book, and one I love flipping through again and again.

    12. This is pretty awesome, including lots of background making of information and a full libretto Great pictures too

    13. RENT changed my life, as silly as that may sound Not the book, but the stage musical This book goes with it Thank you Jonathan RIP.

    14. In high school, I was a theatre nerd, which meant that it was impossible to avoid Rent Sheltered suburban kids love Rent with an obsession that borders on unhealthy although I get the drift that Hamilton is the new obsession du jour While my fellow teenage thespians swooned over the artistry of Rent, I, unable to escape endless loops of the soundtrack, developed a deep loathing of the schmaltz and rank manipulation.Sitting down to read the libretto as an adult, however, I vowed to approach the m [...]

    15. Script Report RENT by Jonathon Larson 387 116 503 pages down, 497 to go Alright I read the script for the musical RENT for my second book Now that I ve really had the chance to take my time and really think about the musical as I read it, a lot of new thoughts have popped into my head, per say RENT is about several bohemians Mark Cohen, Roger Davis, Maureen Johnson, Mimi Marquez, Tom Collins, and Angel Dumott Schunard, Joanne Jefferson Maureen s lawyer girlfriend and the group s old friend Benja [...]

    16. Larson s Pulitzer Prize winning musical remake of the opera La Boheme has long been one of my favorites, but I d never read the book until now I loved seeing the dialogue and lyrics all written The show moves fast and there are frequently multiple conversations going on at the same time, so it s easy to miss things It was especially fun to read the lyric heavy La Vie Boheme There are so many clever references that I had to read it through multiple times just to appreciate it all This version als [...]

    17. So as I ve said before, Rent is one of my guilty pleasurese morals are ratherquestionable But there s a lot of thought and soul put into Rent, albeit somewhat misguided and imperfect And it really makes me ponder exactly what life is about Rent puts forth an impressive presentation of moral relativism that s just filled to the brim with heartfelt emotion and passion But is simple emotion enough in the end Is getting your own way the purpose to existence Seems like a pretty shallow way to liveThi [...]

    18. The Rent Bible A must have for Rentheads I love immersing myself in this book It has gorgeous photos and the full libretto, as well as much, much There s so much information in here I adored this show from the moment I heard Seasons of Love for the first time I was lucky enough to see it during two different national tours, one with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp In my sopho year of high school, I was on stage crew for our school production of the show, which remains one of my favorite shows I ve [...]

    19. I was fortunate enough to see this show twice on Broadway before it ended its amazing run at the Nederlander This book is an excellent companion to the musical It s like carrying the musical with you in hardcover format.The book has wonderful photos of Jonathan Larson and the original Broadway cast as they progressed through the workshops and eventually brought the show to the Broadway stage It contains the full libretto of the musical, so it s fun to listen to the cast recording while reading a [...]

    20. I m a huge RENT Head and I loved reading this Learning about Jonathan, the ideas behind RENT, reading about it going from a modern day La Boheme to than that, and then learning about all the personal touches within the musical the stories, the characters, the lines, etc was really awesome.I decided to listen to RENT while I read this and when I got to the lyrics part I listened to it again and it was really awesome to see how some songs p lines changed a bit and see the stage notes come to lif [...]

    21. RENT is one of my favorite musicals, but most of the arrangements for easy piano in this book were horrible There were a handful that were acceptable for example SEASONS OF LOVE However, most of them didn t sound like the music and were full of one finger notes repeating over and over.I don t recommend this book It s a shame I really do love the musical I just wish I could play the music in fond remembrance Oh well.

    22. This is one of my all time favourite musicals.It deals with subjects, such as drug addiction, homosexuality, cross dressing and AIDS HIV, that many people tend to shy away from The only reason why I am giving this a 4 5 is because, since it is play, the book is just a screen play, and like Shakespeare, it s better performed, but it s still a fun little read through It s a must have for all RENT lovers.

    23. L introduzione interessante ma purtroppo chiude troppo in fretta senza approfondire il processo della creazione di Rent Curiosa l edizione Kindle vettorizzata che rende le liriche gradevoli per schermi di diversa grandezza il risultato finale, nonostante in alcuni casi il testo risulti molto piccolo, buono Sul libretto c poco da dire, Rent _ _ e questo basta.

    24. This book was absolutely fantastic Yes it is basically the lyrics but lyrics are brilliant Yet the introduction by Victoria Leacock Hoffman is beautifully written but you can honestly tell how close they were and how much she respected him and the work that he did In his short life he created a masterpievce.

    25. A great book about a great musical This book shows you the story behind the story Jonathan Larson was an immensely talented musical mind This book includes much about him and the trials and tribulations he endured trying to stage his prodcution of Rent Also includes the libretto to the musical.

    26. This is a beautifully designed book that celebrates the musical, Rent, with exciting pictures of the cast and Jonathan Larson Interviews and other text tells the story of how Jonathan Larson created Rent and details about the casting and productions The book ends with the libretto.

    27. Goes into the making of RENT and it s composer, Jonathan Larson Parts of the book are slightly dated as some things are mentioned in present tense and the book was first published in 1997 It s a good souvenir for any fan of the musical.

    28. The Rent Bible This defined my life for so long My copy has been in tents waiting for rush tickets off broadway, signed by multiple casts, every word carefully read and re read I used to open to random pages and lose myself in the pictures, story, and history inside Its impact is immeasurable.

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