Seeds of Revenge

Seeds of Revenge

Wendy Tyson / Feb 17, 2020
Seeds of Revenge It s the holiday season and the mood in Winsome is anything but jolly Megan Sawyer is determined to farm year round She s braving a December snowstorm after pitching her greenhouse greens to Philadel
  • Title: Seeds of Revenge
  • Author: Wendy Tyson
  • ISBN: 9781635112757
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the holiday season, and the mood in Winsome is anything but jolly Megan Sawyer is determined to farm year round She s braving a December snowstorm after pitching her greenhouse greens to Philadelphia chefs when she sees a stranger stranded on the side of the road It s Merry Chance s niece Becca, who s headed to Winsome to sell her love potions at holiday events orIt s the holiday season, and the mood in Winsome is anything but jolly Megan Sawyer is determined to farm year round She s braving a December snowstorm after pitching her greenhouse greens to Philadelphia chefs when she sees a stranger stranded on the side of the road It s Merry Chance s niece Becca, who s headed to Winsome to sell her love potions at holiday events or so she thinks.Merry has an ulterior motive in inviting her niece to Winsome, but Merry s plan to reunite Becca with her estranged father goes awry when Becca s father turns up dead Megan soon realizes that Becca was not the only person in Winsome who despised her father When Megan s aunt, the famous mystery author, is implicated through her novels, things become personal Megan must follow the literary clues while sifting through the victim s sordid past, but can she uncover the truth before someone else in Winsome is murdered Tyson s first rate second Greenhouse mystery stars big city lawyer turned small town organic farmer Megan Sawyer, a kind, intelligent, and spirited woman with great integrity In short, she s the sort of person cozy readers warm to and root forTyson populates the cast with a smug but attractive PR consultant, a temperamental but gifted chef, a shrewd and sexy Scottish vet, and assorted townspeople, whose motives are complex and believable It s a pleasure to spend time in their company Publishers Weekly starred review on Bitter Harvest
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        Wendy Tyson s background in law and psychology has provided inspiration for her mysteries and thrillers Originally from the Philadelphia area, Wendy has returned to her roots and lives there again on a micro farm with her husband, three sons and three dogs Wendy s short fiction has appeared in literary journals, and she s a contributing editor and columnist for The Big Thrill and The Thrill Begins, International Thriller Writers online magazines Wendy is the author of the Allison Campbell Mystery Series and the Greenhouse Mystery Series Visit Wendy at watyson.


    1. Dollycas s ThoughtsThe seeds of revenge are planted deep within this mystery Megan Sawyer, being the good person she is rescues a stranded motorist in the middle of a blizzard She delivers Becca Fox right to her aunt s door Becca plans to sell her love potions at her aunt s nursery over the holidays Things are frosty upon her arrival as she meets her father, the man she holds responsible for her mother s death, on her aunt s front porch Becca is upset about the collusion between the two Megan fi [...]

    2. When Megan Sawyer sees a woman stranded during a winter storm, she offers her a ride to town The woman is Becca, who is coming to Winsome to spend the upcoming Christmas holiday with her aunt However, when she goes to drop off Becca, Megan witnesses a confrontation between Becca and her very estranged father, Paul When Paul dies a few days later, Becca quickly becomes the chief suspect But Megan thinks there is to his death, especially since it mirrors an unusual death in one of Megan s aunt Sa [...]

    3. The third book in the Greenhouse mystery series It is winter time and Megan Sawyer is working to farm year around A major snow storm occurred while Megan was returning home from a trip to sale here greens to restaurants She gives a ride to a stranded motorist This starts a new tale of physiological damage that is connected to her Aunt through her mysteries Megan is determined to find the killer The twists that the swirl around the tale will keep your attention until you are astonished at the end [...]

    4. Seeds of Revenge earns 5 5 Vials of the Sweet Aroma of Revenge I am very aware of the countless rave reviews for Wendy Tyson s Greenhouse Mystery series, and am thrilled to finally join in with others to voice my excitement Although I started with the third book, I never felt at a loss with the backstory or character connections Wendy brings us Megan Sawyer who had given up her Chicago based law career for the peace and quiet Winsome, Pennsylvania, helping to open a store and caf featuring produ [...]

    5. WOW I ve enjoyed this series from the start, but this third in the series has set it for immediate addition to the Nook as soon as I hear the next one is released Probably an immediate read too once downloaded I love the setting and the premise, the main characters, side characters, everything Megan is an organic farmer She s smart She loves her life, her farm, her family She has a great guy in her life I like how real she feels to me as the reader I can identify with her which I don t always do [...]

    6. Megan offers a ride to a stranded motorist who turns out to be the niece of one of Winsome s shop owners Becca is hoping to kick off her love potion business, but ends up a prime suspect in the death of her estranged father When Megan s aunt is also implicated in the death, it becomes personal and Megan feels compelled to find out what really happened.I ve enjoyed the previous books in this series the characters, the setting and the gardening aspects of the story, even though I m not a gardener [...]

    7. In this third book of the series Megan has her greenhouses set up to produce vegetables throughout the cold winter, she is out contacting restaurants hoping to add some new contracts to her ever growing business When coming home from one of her selling trips she comes across a person stuck on the side of the road, it turns out to be Becca the niece of one of the locals, Mary Chance When Megan drops off Becca at her aunts house things get a bit dicey Becca sees her father a man she can t stand an [...]

    8. Seeds of Revenge by Wendy Tyson is an engaging cozy mystery that will leave you wanting .Christmas in the small town of Winsome seems beautiful and I was ready to enjoy this cozy mystery.Was I surprised when this story took a wild turn and left me at the edge of my seat, gripping my kindle tightly, waiting for the next explosive situation.Megan Sawyer lives on the farm with her grandmother, Bibi She enjoys her life and her relationship with Denver, the local veterinarian.After visiting the local [...]

    9. The third book in the Greenhouse Mystery series is even better than the first two, I know hard to believe Organic farmer and ex lawyer Megan Sawyer is drawn into another murder committed in her small Pennsylvania town A relative of neighbor Merry Chance is murdered in such a way to suggest it s not quite kosher Odd things happen, some mirroring a local author and relative s murder mystery tales, and it seems the locals have hones in on a suspectbut it doesn t feel right to Megan Her handsome vet [...]

    10. I read an e book ARC from Henery Press through Net Galley.The town and people of Winsome Pennsylvania are the connecting threads in the Greenhouse Mystery series centered on Megan Sawyer, her Grandmother Bonnie aka Bibi and their Washington Acres Farm and Cafe.Book 3 features Merry Chase, owner of the garden nursery, and the return of her extended family Paul, Luke and Becca Fox.Megan is drawn into the drama when Becca is suspected of murdering her father, Paul.Megan s relationship with Denver F [...]

    11. It was definitely Christmas in July, when I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this book I received this book through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Receiving this book in no way altered my opinions, or review of this book Wendy has a way to make you just fall in love with her character s, as well as wanting to move in to their town Winsome is having a hard time slowing down with all the secrets that have been lurking This book is the best one yet in this series However, I bel [...]

    12. Another winner from Wendy Tyson, book 3 in her Greenhouse Mysteries series I love the depth of the characters, the storyline taking place during the holidays, and Megan s various relationships between family friends loves I really enjoy this series and love the way the book pulled me in from the first page I d like to thank the author publisher Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

    13. Loved this book so much Loved the ending Very complex storyline, lots of twists and turns Great mystery Very enjoyable read Hard to put down

    14. I hope those of you who read mystery series take my suggestions seriously Wendy Tyson s Seeds of Revenge is a fascinating mystery with well developed characters in a small town There s a complex, character driven plot But, I d recommend that you start with A Muddied Murder, the first in the series, if you can The main character, her family and friends, are so interesting in this third book that I wish I had started with the first one.Megan Sawyer, ex lawyer turned organic farmer and cafe owner, [...]

    15. It s almost Christmas in Winsome, PA and Megan Sawyer is on her way back from attempting to get some Philadelphia chefs to buy her fresh greenhouse greens On the way home during a snowstorm, she meets a young woman on the road who is coincidentally headed back to Winsome as well so she gives her a ride It turns out the girl, Becca, is Merry s niece and Merry was hoping to reunite Becca with her father, Paul but when Becca found out, she wanted no part of that, in fact she s convinced that her fa [...]

    16. Seeds of Revenge is the third book in the Greenhouse Mystery series by Wendy Tyson Set during the Christmas season in Winsome, Pennsylvania Meghan is returning from Philly in the middle of a snowstorm She had ventured to Philly with coolers of greens in hopes of selling them to restaurants so that she could keep her farm and organic caf It s great to see the same main character and the same setting Family is a key item in Wendy Tyson s book and although there are evil doings in this book, I foun [...]

    17. It s the Christmas holidays in Winsome, Pennsylvania, and Megan Sawyer is on her way home after a business trip to Philadelphia She picks up a stranded motorist on the side of the road during a snowy evening The young woman, Becca Fox, turns out to be the niece of Merry Chance, and she s been invited to town to sell her products during the season But when Megan drops the young woman off at Merry s home, there s another visitor Becca s father Paul, and while he apparently wants to speak with her [...]

    18. I loved BITTER HARVEST so much that I was afraid SEEDS OF REVENGE would be a letdown Boy, was I wrong Tyson takes the thrilling nature of her mysteries up a level in such a way that feels utterly natural, but still had me staying up way past my bedtime to finish it The usual cast of characters are back and I ve been loud and clear about my love for Megan and her grandmother, but the addition of Becca is really lovely Digging into Becca s father s death leads Megan to dig into her own history I p [...]

    19. 4.5 5 STORY 4.5 5 I love this book It s my favorite in the series so far I felt like the stakes of the mystery were the highest they ve ever been and the clues were awesome I only docked half a point because I didn t love the ending but I don t know really know why CHARACTERS 4.5 5 I loved all the characters and was glad to see that the town is really becoming a character itself While I struggled with remembering everyone s identities at first, I quickly remembered and the rest was smooth sailin [...]

    20. Seeds of Revenge is the third book in the Greenhouse Mystery series by Wendy Tyson, and after reading the first few pages, I found myself wondering why haven t I read these books before The Christmas season in Winsome, Pennsylvania is wonderfully captured, and I found myself wanting to sit down and share hot chocolates with Megan, her Grandmother Bibi, and their friends However, things are not all merry and bright in Winsome when former resident Paul Fox returns to town under suspicious circumst [...]

    21. The Greenhouse Mystery series is shaping out to be one of my favorite The books are all connected but can be read as a standalone if a reader doesn t feel like starting from the very beginning Seeds of Revenge has our protagonist, Megan in the middle of a murder mystery involving a man whose dealings may have gotten him killed Add in the possibility of Megan s great aunt being involved, especially since her books plot seems to be the playbook the murder is following As the mystery continues to b [...]

    22. Actually 4.5 stars What is a love chemist Find out in the third installment of the Greenhouse mystery series The protagonist, Megan Sawyer picks up a stranded motorist This motorist s estranged father is murdered Megan needs to clear her aunt.What a great story Well written, good characters, and twists You can pick this up without reading the others That s what I did Thanks to Netgalley, Henery Press, and the author for an opportunity to read this book.

    23. This is the third entry in the Greenhouse Mystery series and a superior cozy Main character Megan Sawyer, formerly a lawyer in the big city but now an organic farmer living with her grandmother in the country, is a nicely drawn heroine The rest of the cast, which includes Megan s boyfriend hunky Scottish veterinarian Denver Finn, along with Megan s employees, her grandmother Bibi, and various neighbors and friends, are well fleshed out and appealing It might be a tad confusing for those who have [...]

    24. Let s just put it right out there I am a Wendy Tyson fan and her latest book Seeds of Revenge lived up to my expectations This is a well crafted mystery with enough suspects to be interesting, but not so many that they overwhelm Once Tyson injects her legal and psychology backgrounds, along with a love of books, into this story creating a page turner.Megan Sawyer, a former lawyer who is working toward organic certification for her greenhouse and farm and also owns a caf in small town Winsome, b [...]

    25. The Christmas season has come to Winsome, Pennsylvania, and unfortunately so has another murder Megan tries not to get involved, but of course ends up doing some investigating of her own Her grandmother Bibi gets involved too, declaring her love and knowledge of Agatha Christie books and Murder She Wrote s Angela Fletcher ha qualifies her to help with the case I couldn t agree , Bibi The charm of these books comes not from the mystery, but the characters and the setting I want to walk down Winso [...]

    26. I really enjoy this series, it has at it s core great characters, a great setting and premise, and in this case the holidays Megan has changed professions, settled in to farm and run her cafe, put down permanent roots, and found herself part of the center of Winsome, PA.Life in a small town is what drives the mystery in this story, a story about history revisited, an Aunt s desire to repair a broken relationship, leads to murder and a scary physiological drama with far reaching pain for lots of [...]

    27. I began this advanced copy on 10 07 17 I finished this on 10 13 17 I literally couldn t put it down It was a quick mystery read and I am thankful to Wendy for sending me an uncorrected proof advance reader copy This is the third book in the Greenhouse Mystery Series It was excellent I felt a part of Megan, Denver, Bibi Bonnie s , Bobby King, Aunt Sarah, Merry s lives When Megan ran into Merry s niece Becca and all of the trouble began I felt I was there right along with them Merry invited her ni [...]

    28. Seeds of Revenge is the third installment in the A Greenhouse Mystery series featuring Washington Acres Farm and Cafe owner Megan Sawyer set in Winsome, Pennsylvania Megan is content with the way things are progressing with her organic farm and the Caf Store but she is looking to extend her winter business by selling her organic crops to neighboring restaurants.On her way back from Philadelphia in the midst of a blizzard she comes upon a woman hitch hiking and stops to pick her up Megan discover [...]

    29. Many thanks to NetGally for this book.Seeds of Revenge is a very nice and enjoyable cozy mystery I really like the fictional town of Winsome and the inhabitants although sometimes it looks a little too picture perfect Maybe that is why this book is so enjoyable Winsome is not perfect and neither are the people Sometimes they have dark secrets and nasty habits.Main charachter Megan Sawyer is again the unwilling participant in a murder investigation, but she is getting the hang of it now People tr [...]

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