The Castle

The Castle

Skye Warren / Feb 29, 2020
The Castle I m safe in the ivory tower Gabriel Miller made for me That s what he says Enemies lurk outside waiting to strike An army of enemies held back by these walls Except some animal instinct warns me the
  • Title: The Castle
  • Author: Skye Warren
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  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I m safe in the ivory tower Gabriel Miller made for me That s what he says Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike An army of enemies held back by these walls.Except some animal instinct warns me the danger is much closer It s already here Is Gabriel Miller my protector or my enemy Is this house a castle or a cage There s nowhere for me to go, no one left for me to tI m safe in the ivory tower Gabriel Miller made for me That s what he says Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike An army of enemies held back by these walls.Except some animal instinct warns me the danger is much closer It s already here Is Gabriel Miller my protector or my enemy Is this house a castle or a cage There s nowhere for me to go, no one left for me to trust No escape from a past determined to capture its prize.
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    1. If you know me you know that Skye Warren is my DROP EVERYTHING and RUN author Her books are pure kindle crack to me and the only thing making it better is her next 5 star book And OMG does The Castle deliver I absolutely FLOVED this book Ms Warren is such an intelligent writer that she can tie small nuances together from the first book with the third and final book in the series and your left stuttering and mindblown as it all makes sense If you ve read the previous two books you know that Avery [...]

    2. I LOVE this cover It is nice to see a romance book once in awhile have a creative cover that doesn t involve half naked people This one is a fantastic representation of the story found within The author has a theme that continues through all three covers So nice unity within the series The typography is eye catching and interesting That said he loses a star for the author s name being larger than the titleGThis book was AMAZEBALLS This was by far my favorite of the trio Same fabulous writing Sam [...]

    3. 4.5 Checkmate Stars Cannot be read as a standalone I know how to break you if I need to An unforgettable dark masterpiece I literally couldn t put this down Everything about this series is perfect The hot scenes, the mystery, the violence In this final book, Gabriel tries to protect his queen by keeping her in his castle surrounded by guards She s in great danger, and Gabriel does everything in his power to destroy the threat But there is a problem How do you catch a ghost Avery feels trapped an [...]

    4. The Castle by Skye Warren is the third installment in The Endgame Series.This is not a stand alone and I recommend to read the other books in this series The Pawn and The Knight, first.Avery James is safe in the house Gabriel Miller settled her in But she doesn t know any if this is a castle or a cage She feels and is trapped.This book is written in dual POV The Cover is to die for and the plot and characters are a 5 from 5.There is scorching hot sex, twists and turns I never Never had expected [...]

    5. Title The CastleAuthor Skye WarrenCategory Romance, DarkSeries or Standalone Series, Book 3POV DualPlot 5Characters 5Scorching Level 5HEA Not tellingOkay deep breath This was my favorite book in the series Skye Warren outdid herself with this book It is safe to say that The Castle is her best work up to date For me at least The writing is so expressive, rich and vibrant that you get hooked from the first page.Avery Gabriel are such a powerful couple Their chemistry is out of this world and I lov [...]

    6. If you follow my reviews, it is no mystery that Skye Warren s Endgame series has become my latest addiction There was something about Gabriel and Avery s story that drew me in, right from the start What can I sayI love an uber Alpha a hole Gabriel Miller did not disappoint in that regard After the way The Pawn ended, is it any wonder I was hooked It blew me away For me, this series is about as addictive as crack cocaine I can t wait to get my next fix and when I get my next hit I devour it in re [...]

    7. 5 Do you even have to ask how many stars I m giving this StarsA Love Letter to Skye Warren Maybe like a Crazy Fan Girl Letter.Same thing.Ok, this should be a book review for The Castle But let s be honest Everyone KNOWS The Castle was brilliant, and if you don t, then you should obviously read it After The Pawn The Knight But what I really want to do is write a love letter to Skye Warren Because I m in luuuurve with her Ok, not really.Well, maybe a little GABRIEL Can I have him Seriously, I wan [...]

    8. I m high on adrenaline right now What a series Skye Warren has created The Castle was spectacular just like it s two predecessors I won t give any of the plot away because you simple have to read it from the beginning The Pawn to truly appreciate what a fabulous story this is.The Castle picks up right where The Knight ended and what can I say These characters have come so far and still I got to see and experience so much from Avery and Gabriel He s her protector but also the only one she somewha [...]

    9. 5 STARSSo bright So beautiful I used to wonder if it would burn to touch you Now you know It doesn t Oh, little virgin You definitely make me burn And I m addicted to being ash Alright, confession time.True story And usually the mere thought of a trilogy is enough to make me break out in hives Why Because I ll usually find book two to be filler, and I m pretty much bored and uninterested by book three So you may be asking yourself, why on earth did this crazy heifer read a trilogy then And to t [...]

    10. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA sexy, sophisticated, and intoxicating romance that blends passion, eroticism, and suspense in a spellbinding and visceral manner Skye Warren continues to have me mesmerized as she layers the The Endgame Serieswith so much intrigue, grit, and mystery As each layer of secrets are unraveled and revealed, Warren has readers like myself begging for and not wanting the game of Gabriel and Avery to end I m going to lift that silk around your thi [...]

    11. 6 Stars The Castle Where all secrets and agendas are revealed A king only bows to his queen.He bends his head to kiss me, I think Until I feel his teeth sink into my lip The pain makes me cry out A burst of copper spreads over my tongue He licks to soothe me There is no place he could take you that I wouldn t follow, little virgin I will climb into the depths of hell to get you back That s my promise Three words Speechless Breathless Mind blown.This story has left me obsessed, satisfied, emotion [...]

    12. 3 3.5 for this book4 for the entire seriesThis last installment lost a little steam, sadly The urgency and excitement present in the previous books was missing heret to mention the fact that the supposed reason for this whole shebang which was finally introduced in the last book was furtherexplored in this book and it was just as underwhelming as I had expected it to be following its big reveal Seriously though In book one, there was tension and omg auctions and virginity losing and all kinds o [...]

    13. Oh, little virgin I love you with every cold bone in my body I love you with every dark thought, every violent impulse I love you enough to leave the walls I ve carefully built, the iron bars I refined, the castle I made Gabriel MillerWhat a bone jarring finale to a brilliant trilogy filled with mind games and panty dropping steaminess I was blown away I couldn t count how many times I got the goosebumps and had my jaw stuck on the floor the entire time I was reading The Castle Now this this is [...]

    14. If I could give it a 100 stars, I would These are desperate times for Avery and Gabriel A mad man is after Avery s life so Gabriel does the only thing he sees acceptable lock Avery away in his mansion He knows how wrong he is but his desperation for Avery knows no bounds and he ll to go any lengths so keep her as his.As mesmerized as she is with Gabriel, Avery s mind keeps telling her that maybe the danger she is hiding away from is closer than she expects She wants to trust him with everything [...]

    15. What a fantastic end to a fabulous series I can always tell Skye Warren s writing It has a wicked and dangerous quality that draws in the reader and immerses them in a world of depravity and desperation Where men are gods of the underworld and rule by might alone Where only women who are smart and tenacious survive Her writing pulls me under and wraps me in a blanket of darkness that I welcome The Castle had all of these fantastic qualities and was the perfect finale to Gabriel and Avery s twist [...]

    16. The moment that I started reading the first book in the Endgame series I was hooked I have loved every single thing in this series and was not disappointed with the Castle as Skye Warren has once again managed to blow me away with how much I loved her book I have to say that this is one of my all time favourite series that has kept me up late at night every time I have read one of the stories in this series Skye Warren is one of the best writers that I have read because she is able to create a s [...]

    17. Firstly the Prologue gives us of the night of Avery s 18th birthday and it helped me return to this world of many games being played.The Castle was breathtaking and brilliant and when Avery finally makes all the connections in her memory from her childhood it created that moment in books where you take a breathe As a reader you knew major secrets were hidden but there trying to be revealed just fantastic This instalment is fast paced and you will be constantly on guard with Avery waiting for th [...]

    18. I was a little worried going into this book, I mean, I loved the previous two, so would this one live up Yeah, that wasn t a problem, this was a fantastic conclusion to the journey for Avery and Gabriel Whereas the first book had the dark, and the second the suspense, this one has both of those, but it has the emotion, the heart, and I am in a serious book hangover this morning from it We get to know the people that Avery and Gabriel are, together This is clear coupledom, but neither is fully gr [...]

    19. You can always tell when you are reading a Skye Warren novel from the cover art to the dark and wickedly spellbinding stories she writes Here we have another hit as The Endgame Series comes to a close This series has packed quite a punch with so much drama, suspense, intrigue, mystery and a heap of sex sexual tension and steamy sex There are so many levels of secrets that keep coming out, Ms Warren had me sitting on the edge of my couch yelling at my kindle, begging for answers and not wanting t [...]

    20. This is it The finale The final conclusion to such an explosive and thrilling series that had me on pins and needles The Endgame was an endless cat and mouse game that brought out a lot thrills, emotions and suspense that was a huge rollercoaster trip It has become my favourite series and made me fall in love with Skye Warren even It was definitely a wild journey that I will always remember Skye Warren keeps getting better and better The Castle is a testament to that The Castle proved to be the [...]

    21. The endgame of all endgames I can t believe the game is over Helluva way to go out in any event, however Avery Gabriel Castle Cage Secrets Castle, the explosive conclusion, is dark, twisted, and incredibly yummy I am in awe of Gabriel s technique to take something as sexist as settling Avery in read the story and make it seem totally normal I feel as if I m deprived and missed out because I haven t experienced those tactics Kudos to Warren for an A 1 imagination I am incredibly happy with the co [...]

    22. d the conclusion of the Gabriel and Avery s storyI really do not want to say anything about how the story of Gabriel and Avery continues in this third book Whatever I say, it will be a spoiler.But there are so many unexpected twists Good and seriously bad ones And the feelings There are so many amazing feelings I just want to share my favorite passage from the book Stay Hope flickers across his face, doused by stoicism That isn t how the game is played I m done playing So am I I love you I m out [...]

    23. 4.5 Sinfully Sexy Stars You definitely make me burn And I m addicted to being ash This series owned my life for 2 days I read the entire series in that time span and already want Gabriel Miller Holy Smokeshe s sexy and commanding If you re into dark, sinful, and twisted this book is for you It s unlike anything else I ve read It was completely unexpected and blew my mind Is it protection to keep a flower in the dark, away from water and light To watch it wilt in front of your eyes Here s the br [...]

    24. 6 starsI finished re reading The Castle two minutes ago It s the first time I ended a book and jumped back to the first page again I literally couldn t let go.I m so amazed by how brilliantly Skye managed to wrap up this trilogy I really liked The Pawn and The Knight and I was a little worried because we all know the final book can make or break an entire trilogy The Castle didn t just make the trilogy, it skyrocketed it Absolutely mind blowing The societies we build, the secrets we hide Men and [...]

    25. 4.5 stars An amazing ending to an exciting, suspenseful, and sexy trilogy I m so happy I read this trilogy, and I m very eager to read Damon and Penny s story Skye Warren has always delivered enjoyable books that are usually on the darker side I m now reminded of her talent so I feel the need to check out of her backlist too

    26. 4.5 Chess Games Stars I can no longer defend a king who doesn t value me, the pawn who faces the enemy front lines I can no longer fight for my own virtue, a knight who wields her sword in service And I can no longer hide behind the walls of Gabriel s castle I m a queen in my own right, whether I fall or fight another day, whatever my next move, wherever I land I have the whole board to consider, every direction available My fate may not decide the game, but I can go anywhere I want The queen ha [...]

    27. 4.75 starsThe Castle goes on from where the story was left in the Knight And the story goes on to be captivating and exciting The plot is moving fast with a couple of surprises and twists Ms Warren writes beautifully and full of passion I couldn t put this book down I couldn t stop thinking about Avery and Gabriel Ms Warren had taken me prisoner of her story The game of chess plays an important role in the series and I love how Ms Warren is using it without being boring or too much The book is s [...]

    28. 4.5 StarsBinge fest was a success And I can t wait for Damon s story Gabriel and Avery s story was everything I wanted from a dark romance From the very beginning to the very last word, I fell in love.

    29. The Castle is the third and final instalment to the story of Gabriel Avery in the Endgame seriesWe pick up with Gabriel and Geoffrey James s first meeting and the first time Gabriel lays eyes on Avery James and the start of his obsession for her What would it feel like to be held in her slender arms, her body lithe and pale beneath that floaty fabric It would tear beneath my hands The dress Her skin I would ruin her In that second, staring into her wide eyes, looking at her pink lips, I know the [...]

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