Wedding Date Rescue

Wedding Date Rescue

Sonya Weiss / Feb 29, 2020
Wedding Date Rescue As a Firefighter Kent Wakefield has been burned before and not just by fire So when Casey Bradford his best friend s off limits gorgeous little sister asks him to be her fake boyfriend he flat o
  • Title: Wedding Date Rescue
  • Author: Sonya Weiss
  • ISBN: 9781633758872
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook
  • As a Firefighter, Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire So when Casey Bradford, his best friend s off limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses He doesn t do relationships, real or otherwise But when his well meaning, marriage pushing mother corners him about his cousin s wedding, he panics and tells herAs a Firefighter, Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire So when Casey Bradford, his best friend s off limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses He doesn t do relationships, real or otherwise But when his well meaning, marriage pushing mother corners him about his cousin s wedding, he panics and tells her he has a date.After being left at the altar, Casey is out of options She needs a boyfriend ASAP or she can kiss her dreams good bye Who better than her brother s emotionally unavailable best friend, Kent She may have nursed a childhood crush, but this arrangement will be purely platonicat is until he kisses her and suddenly it gets a lot harder to remember it s all pretend.
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    1. Casey Bradford runs a matchmaking service, helping women find their Mr Right but when her husband to be deserts her at the altar, it has a negative impact on her business, too When her investors and backers are threatening to pull their money, Casey needs to take decisive action to keep her company When it is suggested she get herself a fake boyfriend, she initially has no intentions of doing so, she can t lie However, the she thinks about it, the her brother s friend and colleague, firefighte [...]

    2. I adored this book Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and Casey and Kent were so much fun to read about I loved all the glimpses into their past that helped shaped their strong friendship and loved even how they discovered the one person they couldn t live without was right under their nose all along I had a smile on my face throughout the story, laughed out loud, and swooned over Kent He is Firefighter McHottie and his banter with Casey was one of the things I loved best about this [...]

    3. I absolutely adored this latest book by Sonya Weiss WEDDING DATE RESCUE is one of the sweetest, most romantic love stories I ve read in a while Kent and Casey are both just so charming with humorous and playful personalities The way they teased each other was so fun to read I was truly laughing out loud so many times at the dialogue I m glad I wasn t in a public place Ms Weiss does a great job of creating the ease between them that comes from having grown up together and knowing each other well [...]

    4. Casey is from a small town and being left at the altar is something everybody knows and talks about She has a matchmaking business, but it s suffering because she couldn t keep her man She s being pressured by her investors to date someone again and to make it believable, so she can save everything she s worked so hard for She already knows who she should ask, but will the man she has in mind be willing to fake a relationship with her Kent lost everything he held dear because of a fire He s a fi [...]

    5. Take a hero firefighter, damaged both physically and emotionally, one woman desperate to save her business, bring them together to serve at cross purposes, and you have a genuinely wonderful story that ll leave you with a light heart and a smile Ms Weiss has created relatable characters who are filled with so much personality that it is extremely difficult not to fall in love with them The premise of best friends to lovers is not new, but when done the way this author has, in its own unique way [...]

    6. Friends to lover stories always get to me To think that your one has been with you the whole time You already know everything about them , there is no guess work I loved this story, and the strong female and even stronger male leads It has me laughing, crying, walking away and counting to 10 before I came back and finish reading Over all this book had it all to me, the HEA, the drama, the make up , the laughs, and tears Way to go Sonya Reviewed by GypsyBelle

    7. I received a copy of this title from NetGalley It does not impact my review.After reading a pretty heavy, emotional book I really needed something light and fun and Wedding Date Rescue was exactly that Casey is a professional matchmaker who was recently left at the altar Her business is declining and her investors are worried It s suggested that she find a new man and quick even if it s just for show so her investors don t lose faith She decides her relationship phobic friend, Kent, is just the [...]

    8. Sweet and fun fake relationship friends to lovers story Kent and Casey are the perfect couple, even if they didn t realize themselves They ve known each other their entire lives, but as the little sister of his best friend, she has always been off limits to him But with Casey s matchmaking business in danger of closing its doors after her failed relationship, and Kent s ex attending his cousin s wedding, they are both in need of a significant other They may be fake dating, but they both have th [...]

    9. Adored this one A great combination of friends to lovers, best friend s little sister, and fake fiancee tropes made this one a winner for me Slightly damaged from a prior relationship Kent isn t looking for a new one no matter what his family thinks he should do Casey just got jilted at the author leaving all her hopes and dreams up in the air A new relationship is the last thing she wants but she NEEDS one desperately Who better than these two to pretend to be together I love the writing style [...]

    10. Sometimes when Kent speaks, he leaves no room for quetioning, I m going to make love to you, Casey, and the first time is going to be powerful and fast and hard, because I ve wanted this for too long I liked this book it was sweet, I loved Kent.

    11. Friends to lover stories are always my cup of tea and this is one that fits that category for me Casey is a professional matchmaker who was left at the alter recently Due to this, Her business is declining and her investors are worried So now some people are suggesting she get someone to play her new boyfriend which he would be just for show so her investors don t lose faith Casey thinks about it and finds that will have to do and thinks Kent, her friend who is really a relationship phobe is jus [...]

    12. This book just might be my favourite friends to lovers story Everything about it was perfect From the way they denied that they have feelings for each other to the way they ended up together I loveCasey and Kent These two were funny, sweet and even though they started out as a pretend couple, the chemistry was very real I love the insight from everyone, especially from the gramma Caution is for the bomb squad When you love someone, you go full speed ahead, enjoying every moment of not knowing wh [...]

    13. Due to close family friendships, Casey and Kent have been friends since they were babies and neither have realised that their feelings are no longer platonic Casey s matchmaking business is threatened by the bad publicity of her fianc Dominic jilting her at the altar and when one of her investors says she needs a fake relationship she thinks of Kent, her commitment phobic friend Casey and Kent are such a cute couple and I loved their story Friends to lovers is one of my favourite tropes and Ms W [...]

    14. Casey has a lot on her plate since being left at the altar It s hard to run a matchmaking business when you can t even get your own happily ever after In order to keep her dream alive, she needs to find a guy who will fake a relationship with her Kent is her brother s best friend and the perfect candidate for the job He s a firefighter who got seriously injured doing his job and his ex left him because of it He s not looking for anything serious When sparks fly between them that neither of them [...]

    15. This is a wonderful friends to lovers read Kent and Casey have known each other since babies They both need each other to fake a relationship but is it and can they make it work This was a great read and Sonya Weiss did a great job keeping you interested and know wanting to read what happens with Josie and Lincoln.

    16. I took a chance on this one on a whim since friends to lovers stories are one of my favorites This was a quick and fairly easily read for me, the author put a lot of personality and story Kent was damaged emotionally and physical and wanted to stay far away from all relationships Casey was jilted but kept going, her determination to save her failing business Together they have this mutual benefit scenario Very likable characters, I enjoyed the banter a lot.As her brother s best friend Kent has a [...]

    17. As a Firefighter, Kent Wakefield has been burned before, and not just by fire So when Casey Bradford, his best friend s off limits, gorgeous little sister, asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he flat out refuses He doesn t do relationships, real or otherwise But when his well meaning, marriage pushing mother corners him about his cousin s wedding, he panics and tells her he has a date.After being left at the altar, Casey is out of options She needs a boyfriend ASAP or she can kiss her dreams good [...]

    18. ARC Review Wedding Date Rescue Fire and Sparks by Sonya WeissWhat happens when friendship and romance collide Sparks fly With Wedding Date Rescue, I knew what I was in for Romance, a little light humor and an irresistible time I went in with the mind set that it would be a cute read and came out adoring Kent and Casey from beginning to end Never underestimate the power of the heart Sonya Weiss grabbed hold of my heart and was reluctant to set it free.

    19. Oh my goodness, this is about the sweetest book I have read I loved both Casey and Kent from start to finish Kent just reached and grabbed hold if the old heartstrings And the flirty, fun, and friendly banter between them only made me love them Their story kept me hooked the entire time Casey s grandma almost stole the show Oh how I want to be her when I grow up The mothers were hilarious and her brothers were fantastic I cannot wait for for Casey s brothers My only bad thing was I wished Case [...]

    20. When Casey was dumped at the alter by her fianc e, Kent was there to shield her from as much pain humiliation as he could Just like he had been there all her life They grew up together were friends When Kent s girlfriend walked out on him after he was injured on the job, Casey was there telling him any woman would be lucky to have, scars all Now, Casey needed his help with her business Kent needed her help with a wedding his ex would be at Who knew their feelings were so intense I loved this sto [...]

    21. While I suspected this was going to be a fairly wholesome story, I totally forgot there was a huge chance this would be unbelievably hokey I mean, look at the cover and read the summary It totally was what I suspected I put it down tons of times and walked away to find other reads because it was so difficult to get drawn into this book It just didn t feel real Of course we know it s fiction, but I don t want it to feel that way I want to get so swept away by the emotions that it becomes real to [...]

    22. ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was a 4 star for me I loved Casey s character and her love of all things love Kent was multi dimensional and they were a good pair The only thing that stumped me a bit was that I would ve loved a bit background into what happened between Kent and his ex It was alluded too, but I feel like a clearer explanation, maybe in the form of a flashback would ve been amazing and would ve really given us a clear view into Kent s mindset So m [...]

    23. I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.I started this book because I was having trouble engaging in another book and this book didn t waste time grabbing a hold and taking me on a journey A friends to lovers seems to be catching my eye lately I was crushed when the story begins and the Casey was left at the alter When her best friend Kent swoops in to protect her from the fray, i was secretly hoping for between them But the two of them are stubborn and can t see wha [...]

    24. I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.Wedding Date Rescue is the first book in a new series called Fire and Sparks by Sonya Weiss This is also the first novel I ve ever read by Ms Weiss While not my absolute favorite book, it did spark enough interest in me to want to read of this series.In this book, Kent and Casey fall into a fake romance that turns into something much But Kent has been left jaded by an old relationship and Casey just happens to be his best f [...]

    25. Oh my What a talk to my heart and make me cry book The love those two have is so amazing U can feel every emotion Every sting of the hearts

    26. 3.5 Stars Four months have passed since Casey s wedding, well, it would ve happened if jackhole, err Dominic, hadn t ran away five minutes before it began Casey is healing, but living in a small town where everyone knows everything is hard But it s pointed out that people are doubting her abilities to find love for them when her own ended so horribly and it s impacting business She s warned if she doesn t want to close the company, then she needs a new relationship Rejection sucked, and even so [...]

    27. Casey runs a matchmaking service helping women find their Mr Right But Casey s future husband leaves her at the alter It is bad for her business Casey has to do something to keep her company as her investors and backers are threatening to back out of her company Casey needs a fake boyfriend but she doesn t want to lie She thinks her brother s best friend Kent and colleague firefighter is ideal for the job Especially after he rescued Casey from a tree, hey have always been friends and Kent came t [...]

    28. This was a quick, light hearted read I did feel it was a bit rushed in places, especially the beginning, and had trouble feeling the chemistry between the two main characters at first, but they grew on me.Casey is a matchmaker who has recently been stood up at the altar by her to be husband and now her business is losing clients because of it Her business partners aren t happy and so she needs a fake boyfriend fast to regain her credibility and so they don t pull their investment Her brother s b [...]

    29. Wedding Date Rescue was a story that I truly enjoyed In fact, I was a bit upset that it wasn t longer as I didn t want it to be over Casey has been humiliated by being left at the alter, and as she lives in a small town, everyone knows, and talks about her humiliation Kent has been burned by love physically, and mentally, which means he has no desire to ever be in a relationship again So when Casey tries to talk him into a fake relationship, he s still very leery about even that Since this is a [...]

    30. Friends to lovers is my favorite contemporary trope, especially when it starts out fake and turns real Casey and Kent are adorable together, right down to the alliterate names Childhood friends who have supported each other all their lives, they are rightfully gun shy when they each realize their feelings have changed.Lighthearted and fun, I liked the lack of drawn out drama in this book Fun characters, like Grandma Jean, add humor, which I adore in book Can t wait for the next bookCasey s broth [...]

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