Joseph Balsamo

Joseph Balsamo

Alexandre Dumas / Feb 26, 2020
Joseph Balsamo Features one of the strangest characters in literature Joseph Balsamo also known as Cagliostro later a key figure in the Affair of the Necklace An alchemist conspirator and Freemason Balsamo figu
  • Title: Joseph Balsamo
  • Author: Alexandre Dumas
  • ISBN: 9781600966354
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Features one of the strangest characters in literature, Joseph Balsamo, also known as Cagliostro later a key figure in the Affair of the Necklace An alchemist, conspirator, and Freemason, Balsamo figures prominently in the eventual downfall of the French monarchy.
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        This note regards Alexandre Dumas, p re, the father of Alexandre Dumas, fils son For the son, see Alexandre Dumas fils.Alexandre Dumas, p re French for father , akin to Senior in English , born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie, was a French writer, best known for his numerous historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world Many of his novels, including The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne were serialized Dumas also wrote plays and magazine articles, and was a prolific correspondent.Excerpted from.


    1. Joseph Balsamo IThe original French text is available at La Biblioth que lectronique du Qu bec.La s rie M moires d un m decin comprend les romans suivants Joseph Balsamo 4 volumes Le collier de la reine 3 volumes Ange Pitou 2 volumes La comtesse de Charny 4 volumes Lhe Chevalier de Maison Rouge.Publi de 1846 1848, elle traite des derni res ann es du r gne de Louis XV et des pr mices de la R volution dition de r f rence ditions Rencontre, 1964.Opening lines Sur la rive gauche du Rhin, quelques li [...]

    2. I read this story in two volumes the Collier editions of _Joseph Balsamo_ and _Memoirs of a Physician_ which are great translations I will admit first of all that the first time I attempted to read these I didn t get very far into the book before abandoning it I think this was due mostly to my expectations, since this story is not really a swashbuckling adventure tale though it has its share of intrigue and I was expecting something like _The Three Musketeers_ I m glad that I gave the story a s [...]

    3. Book one in Dumas tale of The French Revolution Joseph Balsamo begins with a meeting in the dead of night high in the mountains as a group of robed and hooded freemasons from around the world meet to plot the fall of the French Monarchy it s actually complicated than that, but I m not going to try to put it into words The leader of this group, Joseph Balsamo, then takes shelter in a storm at the impoverished household of the Baron de Taverney and his daughter Andr e and things then become very [...]

    4. m reading Memorias de un m dico Al ser esto de la poca que es, a veces es bastante pesado, sobre todo con los l os esot ricos de Balsamo, pero menudo culebr n, madre m a Estoy leyendo esta serie de novelas para poder revisitar en VO la miniserie que se emiti un verano en TVE y que adaptaba cuatro de las cinco que la forman Desde luego que en la producci n se quitan en cuatro episodios este novel n, pero van a lo que interesa, jejeje Los cap tulos finales de la novela son de lo m s interesantes A [...]

    5. The book was amazing, frankly speaking I daresay that it was even better than the better known novels by Dumas, e.g Count of Monte Cristo The plot was complex with unexpected twists in every chapter, and I love how Dumas builds his characters my favourites were duc de Richelieu and Nicole you really start to think with them, worry about them, care for them Apart from the intrigues at court, I also liked the metaphysical parts, described in an unusual and fascinating way I definitely recommend th [...]

    6. This is the first of five historical novels in Dumas Marie Antoinette series The title character, Joseph Balsamo, is modeled after the 18th century Italian adventurer and occultist , Alessandro Cagliostro At the novel s opening he meets with a group of fellow Freemasons and initiates a vast plot to bring down the French Monarchy The plot traces his machinations during the time of Marie Antoinette s travels from Austria to Paris to wed the future Louis XVI, ending shortly after their marriage The [...]

    7. Dumas wrote about many historical periods in France Joseph Balsamo was the first in his cycle about the French Revolution I never got very attached to it Sure, it was all the hooks and cliff hangers that one comes to expect from Dumas, but the characters lack the depth and reality of his truly great protagonists and villains.

    8. Alexandre Dumas est connu pour son roman Le Comte de Monte Cristo, ou encore sa c l bre trilogie mettant en sc ne les mousquetaires Cependant, il est galement l auteur d une fresque historique retra ant la fin du r gne de Louis XV jusqu la R volution fran aise avec la mort de Louis XVI Cette uvre s intitule M moires d un m decin, et comprend six ouvrages, bien que le dernier n en fasse pas officiellement partie malgr sa continuit avec les v nements des tomes pr c dents Le premier volet de cette [...]

    9. Another great entry in Dumas French historical fiction Characters were unique and intriguing The end will make you reflect greatly on characters you liked and repercussions of actions.

    10. Jedna z tych ksi ek, przy kt rych do samego ko ca, nie jestem w stanie powiedzie , komu kibicuj Nie potrafi te jednoznacznie okre li , co dla autora by o przewodnim motywem utworu, co tak naprawd chcia przekaza czytelnikowi Czy jest to opowie o r nicach spo ecznych, kt rych nie spos b zniwelowa , tak g boko w ar y si w ludzkie przyzwyczajenia Czy o tym, e istoty p boskie za jakich niegdy uwa a o si kr l w, tak naprawd niczym nie r ni si od ka dego innego cz owieka I czy czasem te dwie rzeczy tak [...]

    11. I read the 1910 Collier edition of this book, the first of the six book Marie Antoinette series this copy says that the order is Joseph Balsamo, Memoirs of a Physician, The Queen s Necklace, Taking the Bastile, The Countess de Charny, and The Chevalier de Maison Rouge Classic Dumas I especially enjoyed the appearance of Jean Jacques Rousseau as a character Other reviewers here have summarized the book much eloquently than I have the ambition to right now suffice it to say that I very much enjoy [...]

    12. It took me a while to read,but i really enjoy the story all the characters provided just enough to create an interesting story we find in this book surprises, adventure, humor , i liked the metaphysical parts , Dumas s style is captivating, the story is exciting next in the series The Queen s Necklace

    13. This book is as good as the Count of Monte Cristo, perhaps even better The action takes places at the end of Louis XV s reign so we meet la Dauphine Marie Antoinette, le Dauphin who will reign later as Louis XVI , la comtesse du Barry, le duc de Richelieu, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Jean Paul Marat and many others.Be sure to get the whole book 1500 pages as many editions referenced in GR are only the first or the second part of this novel.

    14. I read this book many years ago It is quite possible that I don t like such a book any especially that this is not really Alexander Dumas book it is co authored by Zabihollah Mansouri too , but I enjoyed soooo much when I was reading this book and its sequel Ghorresh e Toofan for the first time.

    15. ketabaye duma takan albate pedar na pesar radebandiye man betartib 1 ghoreshe tofan 2 jozef balsamo 3 3tofangdar 4 ghabl az tofan 5 count monte cristo 5 madam dupari man 4ataye avalo har kodomo ta alan 2bar khondam hich ketabiam dost nadaram bekhonam agar ketabi dige az dumaye pedar soragh darin begin mamnon misham

    16. entertaining as always from Dumas I was not expecting such fantasy from balsamo and it kind of threw me off a times from the book Nevertheless the series seems to be very entertaining and I couldn t put the book down once I started For anyone who likes the revolution era and books revolving around it, this is another one to read.

    17. Hello, I ve started reading Joseph Balsamo this summer but I got bored half way through the book and so I stopped Could someone give me a quick summary of the plot and what relationships the characters have with each other as I want to start reading it again but I don t want to start all the way from the beginning It would be much appreciated Thank you.

    18. ghshang tarin vva ziba tarin romane tarikhi bud ke man be omram khunde buudamhanuz bad az khundane in roman hiiich ketabi be jazabie in kettab nadidamja dare az motarjemesham ghadr dani beshezabihola mansurii tarjome ravani az in ketab karde ke dastesh dard nakone7 jelde baghie in ketab ham ghoreshe tufane ke be nazare man in 10 jeld jozve arzandetarin va ziba tarin romanhaye tarikh hastan

    19. The author also wrote the Three Musketeers and Robinhood It is full of fun crap like secret societies and magic mesmerism and sleep seeing and is also a snarky report of the French gentry before the revolution.

    20. Balsamo is one of his most interesting characters, a mystic and freemason who is sort of evil and horrible but sort of wonderful and noble a classic complex and multilayered Dumas hero He reappears in several Dumas titles This is one of my favorite Dumas.

    21. Not my favorite Dumas tale, but entertaining nonetheless Andree and Gilbert are the most interesting characters in the story, but what really fascinated me were the glimpses of the French court at Versailles.

    22. I read it as a child at the age of 13 , borrowing it from my parents bookshelves, and I was stunned by it Still remember it vividly Dumas s style is captivating, the story is exciting and engaging One of the most memorable classics I ve ever read.

    23. Joseph Balsamo um romance hist rico de Alexandre Dumas a primeira parte de uma s rie de livros intitulada Mem rias de um M dico que seguida por O Colar da Rainha, Ange Pitou e A Condessa de Charny.

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