Surviving Suicide

Surviving Suicide

Anna Akana / Feb 17, 2020
Surviving Suicide As a result of the positive feedback of please don t kill yourself Akana published the book Surviving Suicide in It consisted of her old diary entries from in efforts to show the afte
  • Title: Surviving Suicide
  • Author: Anna Akana
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • As a result of the positive feedback of please don t kill yourself , Akana published the book Surviving Suicide in 2013 It consisted of her old diary entries from 2007 2009 in efforts to show the aftermath of suicide She provides a free online link but all proceeds will go towards suicide prevention programs Her intent behind the book is to remind people like her suAs a result of the positive feedback of please don t kill yourself , Akana published the book Surviving Suicide in 2013 It consisted of her old diary entries from 2007 2009 in efforts to show the aftermath of suicide She provides a free online link but all proceeds will go towards suicide prevention programs Her intent behind the book is to remind people like her survivors of suicide that they are not alone.
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        Anna Akana Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Surviving Suicide book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Akana author readers around the world.


    1. You can read this online here file d 0B0SH Or you can buy the book All proceeds go towards youth suicide prevention programs I would recommend watching this video by Anna Akana watch v zvkbHIrrrvU before you read Surviving Suicide Now, you ve probably watched one of Anna Akana s youtube videos before or have at least heard her name before She is a youtube star and has directed and acted in her movie, Riley Rewind Surviving Suicide is a collection of diary entries and occasional poems [...]

    2. Anna Akana is one of my favourite youtubers and when I heard that she had written a book I knew I had to read it Considering it s free and only 66 pages I freed about a half hour in my weekend and just read The book was beautifully written and the way it flowed didn t make it seem like real diary entities, but an actual fictional book It s honest and the emotions feel so relatable The aspect of Anna and her sister Anna being older by 4 years is very similar to the age difference between me and m [...]

    3. Anna Akana writes directly from her heart to the paper Reading all the diary entries compiled in this edition has been deeply touching No true story specially of this kind can be rated less than five stars I wish Anna the best in her life Rest in peace, Kristina.

    4. It s incredibly hard to judge a book a story, a series of stories, than a book like this Its tone is incredibly adolescent This is unsurprising The author, Anna Akana, has made a living off the internet she has immersed herself in it The internet is an incredibly adolescent place The osmosis is not a shock But than that, this book is made up of diary entries from her according to my math 18 year old self I don t can t expect profundity, innovation from someone so young To put a point on it thi [...]

    5. This was beautiful.This was eye opening.This book showed that you don t need grammar and eloquence and wordiness to get the point across.This book showed that you don t need 300 or 500 pages of nonsense to be fucking amazing.Anna filled each and every one of these pages with pure and raw emotion I applaud her for coming out of her sorrow to try to make a difference from what has happened to her rather than sitting in grievance and frustration at the world She s really decided to change her life [...]

    6. And I chose life and love and happiness and pain A really powerful book I can t imagine what it must be like to lose a sibling I can t imagine the pain her family went through and still lives with.I just hope that if anyone has to decide, he or she chooses life and love and happiness and pain.

    7. I really enjoyed this short story I wouldn t call it a book but it s a life changing recount that makes you see the world in a different and mature light It helps you understand people and the thoughts they go through and the struggles they face All we see is a body, not what s behind it I cried in the first couple pages because the book hits you hard I wonder how his story would have been different if other perspectives were shown

    8. Bem, esse livro um pouco esquisito.S o partes do di rio da autora, come ando de quando a irm dela se matou.Comecei a ler o livro com simpatia, mas logo a autora me passou uma vibe ego sta ela come a a narrativa explicando que na noite do suic dio ela estava xingando a irm , gritando com ela, n o ligando pros problemas dela, dizendo que a odiava, saindo sem se retratar E, no resto da narrativa, continua pensando ainda assim que a isso culpa de Deus e b ela quem mais amava a irm , n o os amigos de [...]

    9. I haven t cried this much in a long time Surviving Suicide can t be reviewed as a novel because it s composed of actual diary entries It s raw and vulnerable just as a diary should be Akana doesn t hold back, and that s exactly what makes it so powerful I love the content that Anna Akana creates on YouTube, and I have so much respect for her Reading this allowed me to see another side of her that she doesn t necessarily hide in her videos, but to some extent, hold back It s devastating to realiz [...]

    10. I d been a fan of Anna Akana for a long time and this book had been on my reading list ever since I knew about her sister s suicide It took me a while to find the courage to start the book, knowing that it s a very dark topic that could be a trigger for my own depression But I read it and had no regrets Anna has a way around her words, they re so raw and real and still so beautiful I definitely felt her pain reading the book Heck, my heart was aching and eyes were watery I m just grateful for he [...]

    11. I love Anna Akana s work on YouTube and I have seen her video, please don t kill yourself do recommend watching that as well Both compliments each other and gave me a perspective on a person who lost someone to suicide I do think we need content dealing with that aspect of suicide as well as suicide mental illness in general Very excellent read.

    12. This book is so real, I don t think I have ever read something so sad before It makes me think of instances that I could have died, and it makes me grateful for my life It was interesting to see the other side of suicide, the effect it has on peoples loved ones This book will make you cry a lot, but, I would recommend it It s the hard truth and I think this is something everyone should read.

    13. It s raw It s real Made me cried buckets It s impossible to fully understand the torments that go through one s mind One can only try And try, we must It s the least we can do This short book helps with that.

    14. I love your raw honesty and fearlessness, Anna I can t handle the thoughts in my own head any So I m trying to keep myself occupied with books So far I average a book a day I need something to keep away the terrible depression This is book 12 for me in the last 20 days.

    15. i m so sorry anna had to get through such hard time she remains strong and does not fear to share her story with the world, she remains motivated and hard working, what an amazing human

    16. Thank you to the book club friends who sent me this book I had mixed feeling about reading it, but it is chocked full of experiences I could relate to and even some laughs.

    17. I decided not to rate this book Somehow a rating didn t seem appropriate given the content.I chose to read this book on Google Docs, but all the proceeds go to suicide prevention programs, so that s a great reason to buy this book.Before reading this book file d 0B0SH I would suggest to watch these two youtube videos youtube watch v zGR2kyoutube watch v zvkbHAnna Akana has written another book you can purchase here So Much Want TThis book is very raw, and probably can be triggering [...]

    18. I stumbled into Anna s youtube channel from some Wongfu videos and boy she has my absolute admiration ever since Being a girl, asian and short , she has accomplished so much Getting a glimpse to her past just doubles my respect to her The writing is so raw and real I was steeped into her 17 year old self and rode the roller coster of emotions with her She came across as witty, funny and strong from all her videos, but I never knew that she went through so much pain in her past For better or wors [...]

    19. So, the rating is nothing to talk about, except there is a possibility to add a 6th star Anna hat to read her diary of that time, type it and publish it It was not easy for sure.I rather want to tell you, what a feels trip I had with this book I have a huge depression problem and the thought of suicide is quite familiar for me Im fighting it, however, with therapy and medication and I m doing good.I got on Anna s youtube channel, because someone claimed to have a leaked sex tape of her and I wan [...]

    20. I m amazed This book is stunning It s not really a book, but a compilation of diary entries from the author after her sister committed suicide The author, Anna Akana, writes about her feelings and experiences as they are all affected by the tragedy that is her taking her own life at the age of only 13 Her recollections, all insightful and descriptive, are completely eye opening She tries so hard to make sense of what happened, asking questions like what possible good could have come from her dea [...]

    21. Anna is one of my favorite YouTubers I just found this short compilation of her diary entries about her coping with her sister s suicide You can buy it and all proceeds go toward suicide prevention gumroad l MuJu , or you can read it for free as a PDF file file d 0B0SH It made me tear up because of how relatable some of the things she wrote about how emotional death is for survivors were She has come so far from where these entries start out in 2007 to 2009 2013 Reading this has mad [...]

    22. Reading this really made me think about my own life, her profound thoughts about living through struggles can really inspire us to live up to every moments of our lives, and start now If I died today would I honestly be able to let go of this life without regret Hell no So it s about time to live accordingly Stop being such a depressed asshole, Anna It s been two years It s about time you start to turn this experience into something positive, learn something from it You can t change the past, yo [...]

    23. Surviving Suicide is diary entries from Anna s diary after her sister commit suicide In it she shows her raw emotions and some poems to express how it made her feel She talks about how lonely she was, how angry she was, and how triggering things were She also talks about how she started losing faith in God, how she started to fall in love with books, and how she got some of her cats all of which have roots from the death of her sister.It feels a bit intrusive of me to read someone whom I admire [...]

    24. After watching Anna s YouTube videos which are really funny and insightful and uplifting I had to read this book I mean, it s obvious that her sister s suicide changed her life, and this book is so painfully honest and real that it hurts Little things, such as typos or grammatical errors, make it hurt even , because I m pretty sure that they were directly transcribed from what she wrote that day, no edits, no touch ups, no nothing I cannot even imagine the pain she went through though I did rela [...]

    25. How could I bawl my eyes out for 40 minutes while reading e book on my phone I don t understand Kristina would have been 23 years today As old as me She killed herself nearly 10 years ago, almost the same time I started having suicide thoughts I remember thinking to myself back then, if I die, my nephew nieces wouldn t be bestfriends with my kids I remember my parents I remember my siblings I remember God I remember how they keep alive until now I read this book while thinking everyone s confusi [...]

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