The History of My Insanity

The History of My Insanity

Trisha Paytas / Feb 26, 2020
The History of My Insanity The History of My Insanity is the memoirs of Trisha Paytas It takes an in depth look at the real world of stripping escorting and what the overall sex industry can do to a person s mental state The
  • Title: The History of My Insanity
  • Author: Trisha Paytas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • The History of My Insanity is the memoirs of Trisha Paytas It takes an in depth look at the real world of stripping, escorting, and what the overall sex industry can do to a person s mental state The book inquires to the thought that someone can become crazy over time through courses of life s events rather than just born to be that way A prelude to the upcoming The The History of My Insanity is the memoirs of Trisha Paytas It takes an in depth look at the real world of stripping, escorting, and what the overall sex industry can do to a person s mental state The book inquires to the thought that someone can become crazy over time through courses of life s events rather than just born to be that way A prelude to the upcoming The Stripper Diaries , this book gives insight to the world of exotic dancing, prostitution and The History of my Insanity is a real, raw, and true book about a girl s life full of regrets, written to inspire others to do than they think they can.
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        Trisha Kay Paytas born May 8, 1988 simply known as Trisha Paytas is an American actress, author, businesswoman, entertainer, performer, plus size model, and YouTube personality She is known for her appearance on the seventh season of America s Got Talent in 2012 as well as her appearances on the television shows Who Wants to Be a Superhero and My Strange Addiction.enpedia wiki Trisha_


    1. There are many grammatical errors and contradictions in this book For example I hated my dad for 24 years referring to her parents divorce how could you hate him for 24 years I m pretty sure you don t remember that far back and her parents got divorced when she was 3 Another contradiction, she sad she remember them divorcing at 3 and the in a other part of her book she says I didn t remember anything before the age 5 This girl is an obnoxious, spoiled, narcissistic air headed blonde that relies [...]

    2. I watch her YouTube channel all the time and was curious about this book enough to pick it up It s written as she s telling you her story in person However, this book is full of grammar errors and she contradicts herself many times I just wish she would have at least used spell check Still looking forward to her second book.

    3. A quick read that won t disappoint if have always wanted to know about the phenomenon that is Trisha Paytas I do believe this book is self published, so there are some grammatical flaws that could bug the dedicated English major But, grammar aside, Trisha Paytas used her uncanny ability to capture her audience s attention, which, as she has proven on YouTube, she is incredibly good at At just 80 pages, this book is, as I said, a quick read, but it packs a lot of punch You are filled into what s [...]

    4. I really did enjoy reading this book If you watch Trisha s Youtube Channel then you know she was a stripper for quite a while She tries to show the reader that Stripping isn t the glamorous thing Hollywood makes it out to be this book is a MUST READ

    5. I review books off the categories below not listed via importance These categories add up to a score out of 100, which determines the rating of the book out of five stars.Cover 4 10While you shouldn t judge a book by its cover, the cover is one of your first impressions of the book and therefore it is part of its rating score This cover isn t bad but it is not well thought out The graphics are easy to design and nothing about it is really popping out to me except for the fact that Trisha Paytas [...]

    6. This was a really good look inside this famous youtubers head trisha let us into her world and her past of why she does what she does all the things shes been through that make her the trish she is now like when she first moved to la and when she lived wth her dad and all the juicy details of her past she has not fully shared on youtube She also has many many youtube videos if you just cant get enough trish just type in trisha paytas on youtube.

    7. Full review hereIf anything this book makes you have a new found respect for Trisha I know that a lot of people don t like her and people online just seem to be rude to her and hate on her for no reason They somehow think that because of her past choices in life that she is beneath them.But after reading about what she went through and how she was able to bounce back from everything that life threw at her, I admire her a lot I mean she never gave up on her dreams and she never let anyone tell he [...]

    8. This book is okay You have to be a fan of Trisha before reading this otherwise you will not be entertained or interested This is basically like a longer Draw my Life video She seems to oversimplify things and gloss over events without going in depth I would have liked to see examples of her relationship with her step mother Reading it, it bothered me how much she reference physical expectations and beauty for the reasons she didn t get along with other women She would write things that really sh [...]

    9. I brought this because I watched and enjoyed Trisha s videos on Youtube I find her entertaining, although some of her videos do seem to be made to spark a reaction from people, an example of this would be her Mitt Romney videos.Anyway, this book was quick to get through Reading this I can see that Trisha has been through quite a lot in her life and I can see why she is the way she is I wouldn t say this book sticks with you after you ve read it There isn t that much to it She just gives you a br [...]

    10. This book is not for those who are distracted or annoyed by grammar technical mistakes As long as you are not bothered by the several typos and minor plot contradictions, this is an alright book It gives you a quick insight on Trisha s past and her relationships I was worried that the book would just be a longer version of her Draw My Life video, and sometimes it was Also, she could have focused on some of the traumatic events ex escorting, etc because some of her main plot points reminded me [...]

    11. Trisha Paytas is the black sheep of YouTube She s looked at with either love or hate by so many YouTube lovers.At first watch I had never seen anyone like her on the Internet I suppose really there isn t But I found myself becoming really addicted to her videos To her life A few days ago she posted a video that s gotten so much hate And in reading her book tonight I ve realised it s all for the attention she craves She really doesn t care if it s positive or negative This book made her craziness [...]

    12. I give Trisha A for effort for writing this This is a personal account of her life up until present day I enjoyed reading it, as it is written as Trish talks on her youtube channel You can picture her saying the things as she has written them However, I think I might have enjoyed it if I had not watched her vlog Draw your Life It was basically the same thing as that vlog and that took a little away for me as I know what was going to happen with each page turn I will look forward to reading fro [...]

    13. This book is not well written but the topic is unique This lady worked a stripper, an escort and in the sex industry for many years and she says it can make you crazy I have no doubt when you do these things for a living you hang out with not great people It reminded me of my friend who worked the vice squad, he said being with these low life people were starting to affect him and he retired This is the book for do not work in her jobs.

    14. Read this in just over an hour as the book is only 80 pages, it was pretty interesting to see a snippet of Trisha Paytas life in a blog type of writing style The writing style is a bit jarring at times I started counting how many times she uses the phrase to this day it was a lot but overall I still enjoyed reading this book.

    15. I had to, I just had to.Not the greatest book in the world, but it s a nice safe way to look into someone s life without getting involved in the drama and facepalms.Not terribly written considering.Short read, so if you want to take a few casual hours to read reality without turning on the television pick it up If you like watching trainwrecks, then definitely pick this up or download it.

    16. Interesting to get to know the life of Trisha Paytas and the events in her life that has led up til today however I think the title of the book has a bit of a missguiding name I thought there would be a little moore focus on her going mad insane rather than all the ways people misstreated her through her life.

    17. This book was very inspiring, I saw a lot of myself in Trish, with her longing for attention and feelings of abandonment, and wanting to entertain people Like Trish, I find doing youtube videos to be very therapeutic I m excited to read her second book.

    18. I don t see what people had against this book I didn t notice many errors But I love Trisha so much And hearing her story and a brief history of what she has done was pretty cool I really liked it and thought she had a good message at the end I will definitely read her other books.

    19. Trisha you are amazing and beutifulI love you trisha your gorgeous and your funny I love watching your youtube videos I even re watch some because your that awesome

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