1920: America's Great War

1920: America's Great War

Robert Conroy / Feb 29, 2020
America s Great War By the author of breakout WW II era alternate history Himmler s War and Rising Sun a compelling alternate history thriller After winning WW I Germany invades America in marching through Califo
  • Title: 1920: America's Great War
  • Author: Robert Conroy
  • ISBN: 9781451639315
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • By the author of breakout WW II era alternate history Himmler s War and Rising Sun, a compelling alternate history thriller.After winning WW I, Germany invades America in 1920, marching through California and Texas as a desperate nation resists.Consider another 1920 Imperial Germany has become the most powerful nation in the world In 1914, she had crushed England, FranceBy the author of breakout WW II era alternate history Himmler s War and Rising Sun, a compelling alternate history thriller.After winning WW I, Germany invades America in 1920, marching through California and Texas as a desperate nation resists.Consider another 1920 Imperial Germany has become the most powerful nation in the world In 1914, she had crushed England, France, and Russia in a war that was short but entirely devastating By 1920, Kaiser Wilhelm II is looking for new lands to devour The United States is fast becoming an economic super power and the only nation that can conceivably threaten Germany The U.S is militarily inept, however, and is led by a sick and delusional president who wanted to avoid war at any price Thus, Germany is able to ship a huge army to Mexico to support a puppet government Her real goal the invasion and permanent conquest of California and Texas America desperately resists as the mightiest and most brutal army in the world in a battle fought on land, at sea, and in the air as enemy armies savagely marched up on California, and move north towards a second Battle of the Alamo Only the indomitable spirit of freedom can answer the Kaiser s challenge.
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        Robert Conroy was a best selling author of alternate history novels His 1942, which is set within a Japanese conquest of Hawaii, won the prestigious Sidewise Award for alternate histories After taking early retirement from automotive management, Conroy decided to combine his loves of history and writing After discovering that Kaiser Wilhelm had plans to invade the U.S he wrote his first alternate history, 1901 in which the invasion took place He found alternate history fascinating and the possibilities never ending He also wrote for Military History Magazine Conroy had a MBA, was a US Army Veteran and was a retired instructor at Macomb Community College He had a married daughter and two grandsons He lived in southeastern Michigan with his wife of forty plus years He passed away in December 2014 from Cancer.


    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews 1920 America s Great War is alternate history at its best It is fast It s fun It doesn t take itself too seriously Nor does it pretend to give you a history lesson in disguise Nope, Robert Conroy has written a real page turner that has interesting characters and an engrossing plot that does a great job of doing just what it is suppose to do entertain its reader In this alternative world, the Great War in Europe, or World War I as it is now duped, lasts [...]

    2. 1901 was the first of Master Conroy s novels I read way back, when 1920 America s Great War came out, I was in two minds over this particular spin on an alternate war scenario simply because he had already fought it out before, the only difference being as far as I could tell was that he was fighting the fight on the Western seaboard as opposed to the Eastern one The altered history, the cause and effect of a German early victory in 1914 over Britain and France created a new Europe with Imperial [...]

    3. Conroy has long since proven that he can routinely find interesting breaking points in history and work out credible deviations from what we could find in our world s history books And 1920 is no exception from this rule Point of Divergence here is the battle at the Marne, which due to hesitant french generals, was won by the Kaiserreich, chasing both the french and british armies to the Atlantic shore and taking the bulk of Infantry prisoner, thus deciding the war in about a year and emerging a [...]

    4. I liked this book, but I really wanted to love it It has a fascinating setting, a world dominated by Imperial Germany don t listen to the reviewers claiming its full of historical inaccuracies, 5 minutes of research could teach you than they know , and its battles are really cool and fun to read There s just a few things that aren t particularly good, and they are important.First off, the characters The real historical figures are cool, but they don t do much The original characters aren t bad, [...]

    5. It s a fast moving, page turning alternate history novel, a fast and fairly rousing read, which is why I can give it four stars The point of departure from our history is plausible enough the Germans win the 1914 Battle of the Marne, wipe out the combined British and French armies and win the Great War in the first months.The subsequent premise is a little less plausible generally and in the particulars Germany might have dominated Europe, but a revolutionary Russia and a resentful Britain both [...]

    6. I m a junkie for alternate history and I generally enjoy Robert Conroy s books This one was particularly interesting because I had just finished writing a non fiction book on America s war plans and War Plan Black, the war with Germany, was one of my favorite chapters I found things wrong, as a historian, that most people wouldn t Having said that, this was a wonderful romp into the 1920 s where Germany has won the Great War and is invading the US I loved seeing Patton in action, fighting in Cal [...]

    7. Aaaargh SPOILERSPg.5 What really concerned Carville was the thought of the world with Germany as it s only preeminent powerhalf mad Kaiser Really, again How about the scenario that admits Britain had a global sea empire, Russia a vast land Empire, and Germany was a growing central european power looking for some respect from it s literal jealous and covetous cousins WW1 was started by a Croat trying to strike at the Austro Hungarian dominance, but no one hates Croatia or Austria forever, like an [...]

    8. Alternate history novel Germany readily won WWI in 1914 by a quick strike on France and then in 1920 invaded the US through Mexico Conroy moves quickly through his novels and they often seem over simplistic Interesting easy read though.

    9. Good for action but eye rolling otherwise Reads like a Michael Bay movie written for a high school history class Enjoyable read regardless.

    10. It really strains credulity, even in the science fiction genre, to imagine Germany invading the U.S after winning the first World War Or the second.

    11. I enjoy Robert Conroy s novels of alternate history I find them to be thoughtful and entertaining at the same time 1920 is no exception to this The historical characters act according to what is known of their personalities and his created characters are well fleshed out This story opens on an America that did not enter World War I because the Germans decimated the French and the British and it was all over in 1915 Woodrow Wilson, as he would have done, kept US military forces very weak The Germ [...]

    12. Some of the best books I ve read have been set during the First and Second World Wars, Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, Pat Barker s Regeneration trilogy and The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat immediately come to mind Therefore I was looking forward to this alternative history which imagines Germany won a swift and decisive war in Europe in 1914 then shipped a huge army to Mexico to support a puppet government before staging a bold invasion of America in 1920, with the intention of making Texas an [...]

    13. I liked this book, and not just because it was a fast read It is an alternate history narrative in which the First World War was lost and in which the United States never entered the war Germany soundly defeats Britain and France in 1914 and rapidly becomes a global power, creating a new German Empire The Communists have not taken over Russia yet the Russian Monarchy being propped up by the Germans the only credible power facing the Germans is the United States In a bid to expand his power base [...]

    14. This is not the first time Robert Conroy has written about a German invasion of USA, but he has improved since 1901 No longer does cardboard characters prance about the scripted war scenario Nowadays, Conroy has characters that advance the tale rather than just be a bit player OK, enough yakking on with the review.In 1920, Imperial Germany, having beat France and Britain on the West Front and Russia on the Eastern Front, decides to take the United States down before it can threaten the Second Re [...]

    15. The first alternative history book I ve read I really enjoyed it.The premise is simple The Germans actually won the Battle of Marnes in WW I As a result, the French and British forces were overrun, France was occupied and England begrudgingly signed a peace treaty with Germany Germany did not, however, end its desire for world dominance at that point Instead, it expanded its economic partnership with Mexico, still smarting from the loss of territory in the Mexican American War, permitting it to [...]

    16. It doesn t take many of his books to realise that Robert Conroy has a bit of a formula that he follows for his novels Many authors do, and it hasn t harmed a lot of successful ones I like Conroy, and in the same way I like Robert Goddard and Harlan Coben, but I wouldn t want to read any of their books one after the other There are many such authors, I just plucked out a couple who came to mind that write enjoyable books but need to be taken in small doses.Before reading an Alternate History nove [...]

    17. My feelings about this book are a bit conflicting On the one hand I have always enjoyed Conroy s easy to read and absolutely loved 1901 when it came out However, while this book was mindlessly enjoyable, there are parts of the novel that are almost lifted exactly word for word from his previous novels I m fairly certain the description of Luke and Kristen sp are nearly identical to the ones from 1901 and all the successive Conroy novels It s just a bit grating to get the same characters again an [...]

    18. I can t help myself Sure, Conroy s books tend to be formulaic, and make too much use of coincidental contacts between the main characters and major historical figures But sometimes a guy just wants a good, old fashioned yarn thats an easy read Conroy s books are just that He makes good use of the alternative history genre by using an easily imaginable alternate decision in a historical event, not relying on some supernatural or alien intervention And, he cleanly wraps up each book at the end, no [...]

    19. This is probably the best novel by the late Robert Conroy.It begins with a simple enough POD, the Entente ignoring the gap in the German armies during their approach toward Paris From there, the book goes INSANE.An invasion on the mainland United States by Germany and Mexico Sign me up It s probably the most action packed novel he ever did, with land battles every so many pages and sea and air raids.The characters, as usual, are serviceable Nothing to write home about but it works because the hi [...]

    20. A great alternative history read I have been a Robert Conroy fan, since reading 1901 Mr Conroy picks on the Kaiser again this time,the Germans have won World War I, defeating the French at the battle of the Marne, and forcing France and Britain into a humiliating peace The Kaiser is looking to complete his self appointed task of world domination, by seizing part of the American west, by force He offers Mexico a chance to reclaim territory taken by the United States during the Mexican American Wa [...]

    21. Alternate History WWII never happened nobody killed Hitler but Germany won The Great War fairly quickly Then took over most of Europe, Africa, and Mexico Lebensraum , folks We meet some war greats of WWII as younger men, fighting Germans on the home soil, coming up from Mexico No women want to fight except for Amelia Earhart and a few women wearing bulky no females here jackets The Author s Note in the back mentions a few things that would not have happened if America had never joined the Great [...]

    22. The conceit of this book is very fascinating Wilson brokered a peace treaty between the Allies and Germany The US never entered the war In the meantime, the Germans landed large numbers of troops in Mexico They decide to invade the West Coast Very interesting However, what I end up seeing is a lot of very flat characters Conroy uses the same kind of multi pov plots that Turtledove does None of the characters really has a very developed internal life There s not much change And as usual, Conroy s [...]

    23. More fun alternative history from Conroy The Germans won the Marne, and WWI in the process Russia is in turmoil and while Britain is strong at sea, they aren t seen as a threat on land This leaves a pacifist US under Wilson as the only threat to a German 2nd Reich under Kaiser Bill.What s a German Army to do but attack through Mexico and take California while the Mexicans take back Texas the southwest How can the US fight back Will they fight back All answered in another book by Conroy While I t [...]

    24. Taking as his starting point a German victory in the Battle of the Marne that led to German hegemony over much of the world, Robert Conroy weaves a fantastic tale of alternative history The action centers around a joint Mexican German invasion of the southern US, specifically Texas and California While the primary point of view characters are all inventions of Conroy the book is peppered with real characters from our own history such as Patton, MacArthur, Pancho Villa, and others who live quite [...]

    25. Alternative history is a genre that is easy to write and hard to make interesting There are few authors who pull off both tasks, however, Conroy does a reasonably clean job of it The general ideas of 1920 America s Great War are that the Germans won a battle early in WWI that they lost in our timeline, and that they were later able to act upon the ideas found in the Zimmerman note Until the end, this book seems to be heading into the territory of Turtledove becoming a set of books rather than ju [...]

    26. I enjoy Conroy s alternative History books His books are a very easy read Always explains the focal point of the change in history and then prepares the reader for a nice read Enjoy the mixture of Historical Characters with fictional characters however, characters are often one deminsional Action is always entertaining as well With all his novels it is somewhat predictable of the outcome Clarification Entertaining twist of actions but outcome is predictable Again, enjoyed the fantasy world and r [...]

    27. Clearly Robert Conroy has a template for all his books and this one is no different things change in Germany or Japan, they surprise the rest of the world and the USA gets involved Germany and Japan are successful at first but the US forces get smart and eventually make a difference Add historical characters here and there, sprinkle nice heroes and potential love interests and you have a book.It does work because Conroy manages to cover different periods and keeps the stories somewhat credible A [...]

    28. I truly enjoy Robert Conroy s writing, and I think this is his best to date It seems with each novel, or accurately alternate history, he gets better at characterization In this scenario, Germany quickly won World War I, and now is the dominant world power in 1920 The Kaiser is worried about the U S growing powerful and challenging the Pax Germania This leads to an invasion of the U.S from Mexico The story follows the lives of many people, both real and made up by the author If you enjoy alter [...]

    29. I have enjoyed all of Mr Conroy s books As another reviewer noted, his books do follow something of a cookie cutter formula, but with the changes in characters and historical settings, the books remain entertaining I won t offer any teasers or spoilers , but I will say that if you don t have at least a basic knowledge of 20th Century history, and in particular World War I history, this book might not be as enjoyable as it otherwise is.

    30. Una premisa que a primera vista parece absurda como puede ser el intento denquistar California por un K iser envalentonado tras una corta y victoriosa Guerra Mundial menos absurda si se tiene en cuenta que en la realidad intent convencer a M xico para invadir EEUU da lugar a una historia entretenida sin m s en la que vemos involucrarse a varios de los futuros protagonistas de la 2 Guerra Mundial como Patton, Eisenhower o Rommel.

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