How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery

How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery

Lawrence LeShan / Feb 29, 2020
How to Meditate A Guide to Self Discovery Here is one of the most practical guides to meditation As a psychotherapist and researcher Lawrence LeShan is interested in the process and effects of meditation than the spiritual motivations To LeS
  • Title: How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery
  • Author: Lawrence LeShan
  • ISBN: 9780553244533
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here is one of the most practical guides to meditation As a psychotherapist and researcher, Lawrence LeShan is interested in the process and effects of meditation than the spiritual motivations To LeShan, meditation means training the mind, and he likens it to physical exercise Like a good trainer, he breaks down the different kinds of meditation into easy to learnHere is one of the most practical guides to meditation As a psychotherapist and researcher, Lawrence LeShan is interested in the process and effects of meditation than the spiritual motivations To LeShan, meditation means training the mind, and he likens it to physical exercise Like a good trainer, he breaks down the different kinds of meditation into easy to learn steps and offers counsel about the best ways to go about it and the pitfalls you are likely to encounter LeShan isn t pure vanilla, however He wrote at a time the early 70s when meditation was still considered esoteric and strongly associated with the paranormal Still, he keeps his feet on the ground and suggests that you do, too Meditation, he says, helps get a new perspective on the world and to attain an increased serenity and competence in being If you are a beginning meditator, this perennial favorite is a good place to start Brian Bruya
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    1. Meditation can get a bad rap Often times, the strong opinion of religious folks can deter other folks from walking the meditative path New age religion folk have their twist, yogis have their twist, Christians have their twist, etc This book is written in the twist of a learned psychologist who seems to have his head on completely straight I like how he discusses the many different paths one could take for meditation He also keeps things nice and simple He has a diverse approach by quoting many [...]

    2. LeShan s book is a secular and scientific guide to meditation By secular, I don t mean to suggest that it s devoid of mention of religion On the contrary, How to Meditate delves into a wide variety of meditation styles that have roots in religion, and it quotes from spiritual teachers across a range of religions including the mystic branches of Christianity and Islam I mention the latter because the book seems tailored to bringing individuals into meditation that do not normally think meditation [...]

    3. A good basic guide to meditation Does not really go very much in depth but is very clear and easy to follow for the beginner.

    4. If you are looking for a short introduction to meditation without a particular religious bias this is the book for you Organized into twelve chapters each of which discuss a basic issue regarding meditation, the book is as practical as one can be when discussing this concept Why do we meditate LeShan suggests on the opening page of the book that We meditate to find, to recover, to come back to something of ourselves we once dimly and unknowingly had and have lost without knowing what it was or w [...]

    5. I was recommended this when I went looking for some kind of guide into the world of meditation I was told it was simple, practical and honest, and after reading it, that s probably the best way to put it.This book is frank, personal, but confident It presents a plethora of schools of mysticism whether Christian, Hasidic, Buddhist or otherwise and maintains a balance, an objective view on how they can affect one s meditation practice.It details schools of meditation, how to engage in those school [...]

    6. I gave this book such a high review because it s not only well written but a welcome departure from magical crystal guru bs It includes a respectful summary of different approaches and instructions regarding different types of meditation, but also includes such chapter headings as alluring traps in meditation and mysticism and vibrations, energy, and other cheap explanations of things At no point did I roll my eyes and I came away from the book feeling like I could and wanted to start a lifetime [...]

    7. Overall a sound and straightforward introduction to meditation for personal growth My only complaint is that it veers into the hokey from time to time, discussing such topics as ESP In my opinion, these discussions detract from the credibility of the text, but I found enough to like that I still recommend the book as a first look into the topic.

    8. This was an excellent how to book and introduction into what meditation is, it s difficulty and very interesting comparisons to religions I recommend it, if you are interested in finding out on meditating or have an interest in learning

    9. I enjoyed reading LeShan s book on meditation It gave tips and explanations of the different forms of meditation It also touched on how people of different religious backgrounds used meditation in their lives, so it did not single out any religion or talk down about any religions The only part I did not like about the book was the parts on ESP I find that to be a bit unrealistic, but if you are looking for a book that will direct you on which path to start your meditation journey, this book is w [...]

    10. Mo na z tej ksi ki dowiedzie si o samej istocie medytacji, o jej powi zaniach z psychologi i wp ywie na cz owieka a tak e jak rozpocz swoj przygod z medytacj.

    11. This book is beautiful and mandatory to those who want to take meditation as a serious discipline Meditation has been cheapened by modern society in the same way Yoga has, as well as nutrition By that, I mean yoga is treated as a weird form of gymnastics and body weight workout, fixating on the one physical portion of the Yoga system and disregarding the whole spiritual discipline framework And with nutrition, the fixation has been to lose weight , where as nutrition should be treated to give be [...]

    12. This was a great no bs starter book on meditation It was written well, easy to read, short sweet, and gave me a good idea of how where to start practice.I could appreciate the way the author cautions the reader about phony gurus and warns us not to get caught up in the meaningless confusion between science and mysticism that meditation can often lead to While not discrediting the practice itself, he earned a lot of credibility in my opinion by showing that he has a good head about himself.The bo [...]

    13. This little book gives a quick look at meditation, the types, and benefits for those who practice it A simple procedure called Breath Counting is given for readers to try The procedure is difficult to master but can be attained Here s how Find a comfortable position sittintg, laying or standing set a timer for fifteen minutes and begin Count breaths one, two, three, and four Repeat the counts one through four concentrating on only counting breaths until the timer ends blocking out all thoughts.T [...]

    14. I ve been trying to make meditation part of my regular routine and wanted to get this book to kind of just get an idea of how to go about it and how to think about meditation in the first place For me personally I do meditation for the very practical effects of it, I feel a sharper focus, clarity in my thoughts, less emotional reactivity, centered, aware of my thought patterns and feelings basically if I were to summarize it meditation is a great way of exercising executive control of your mi [...]

    15. LeShan presents this book in an awesome, easy to pick up way I received this book at a very difficult time in my life, and when I was way too young to effectively wade through the difficulties of teaching yourself to meditate and seeking inner quiet on your own.The book is very well organized, though I feel that some of the chapters are a little redundant or unnecessary One of the fun things about the book is that whenever one of these chapters popped up, LeShan prefaced them with some sort of y [...]

    16. Dr LeShan is an authority on Meditation and it comes through in his book, speaking from years of experience practicing and from teaching The first half of the book is dedicated to the several methods used to meditate and the second half talks about the pitfalls and the watch out for I did learn a lot about how to meditate and the benefits of the process which was the main purpose of reading the book My only criticism is that the writing is a little slow and the second half to the book tends to d [...]

    17. A great book giving different paths of meditation It includes the essence of different philosophies of the world including mind boggling variety of Indian methods, Sufi etc The book also tries to tie up the ancient practices with the current psycho analytical practices Great book if you want a balanced view of different paths to meditation Hopefully, I will pick this book at a later time at leisure and practice .

    18. A straight forward, thoughtful, practical guide to meditation It was informative without being esoteric or kooky The author has an admirable interest in the pursuit of human betterment through meditation, all the while maintaining a healthy appreciation of modern science I ll probably refer back to this text often.

    19. I consider myself to be a practitioner of meditation That being said though, I have had little formal study or knowledge of the subject this book explained many goals methods ideas I ve encountered and used Perhaps a little dated in its mention of current research and attitudes about ESP, drugs, and psychology, but nothing too far from current ideals.

    20. So far, I think I can safely say this if I were to only be allowed to read one book on meditation in my life, I d want it to be this one LeShan is clear, concise, thoughtful and to the point He s given me just enough information to get started, and just enough of a sense of the destination and the reward to get me motivated to keep going.

    21. LeShan has written a lucid and clearheaded guided to various meditation practices as well as making a persuasive case for the meditative life He also has clearly done his homework, and it was through LeShan I discovered the works of Christmas Humphreys and of Evelyn Underhill, of St John of the Cruss and The Cloud of Unknowing.

    22. If you ve read my reviews, you will see that I read a lot of business books For those of us who have a challenge to relax, this book will guide you in the right direction Have patience with the techniques, as they take a while to learn and apply.

    23. Other than the stuff about ESP, I found this to be a wonderful and helpful book It s best to read it slowly, one chapter a day to get the full effect But reading the book is just the start It s the practice that you really need to work on on your own time.

    24. It s strange when you come with something you think you ve made up, then someone hands you a book and you find out it already exists Most of the meditation techniques found in this book are so simple I m sure many already practice it I was glad to learn I was on to something.

    25. Yup I m trying to add discipline to my mind, which is indeed a ship at sea being navigated by a crazy crew that locked away the captain and navigator I am secular, to be sure, and this book deals with the why and how of mediation without all the religious crap So far, I like it

    26. An easy read and a very thorough guide to meditation I read this after taking a meditation class and really enjoyed meditating but haven t managed to keep it up Luke even built me a meditation bench

    27. Not a book religious teachings or other such hocus pocus.This book takes a brief but very detailed look at meditation It s origins, it s use and examples of different forms At under 150 pages, I think this is a must read for anyone who desires mental health.

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