Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project

Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project

Dave Isay / Feb 26, 2020
Listening Is an Act of Love A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project From than ten thousand interviews StoryCorps the largest oral history project in the nation s history presents a tapestry of American stories told by the people who lived them to the people they lov
  • Title: Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project
  • Author: Dave Isay
  • ISBN: 9781594201400
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From than ten thousand interviews, StoryCorps the largest oral history project in the nation s history presents a tapestry of American stories, told by the people who lived them to the people they love StoryCorps began with the idea that everyone has an important story to tell And since 2003, this remarkable project has been collecting the stories of everyday AmericFrom than ten thousand interviews, StoryCorps the largest oral history project in the nation s history presents a tapestry of American stories, told by the people who lived them to the people they love StoryCorps began with the idea that everyone has an important story to tell And since 2003, this remarkable project has been collecting the stories of everyday Americans and preserving them for future generations In New York City and in mobile recording booths traveling the country from small towns to big cities, at Native American reservations and an Army post StoryCorps is collecting the memories of Americans from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life The project represents a wondrous nationwide celebration of our shared humanity, capturing for posterity the stories that define us and bind us together In Listening Is an Act of Love, StoryCorps founder and legendary radio producer Dave Isay selects some of the most remarkable stories from the already vast collection and arranges them thematically into a moving portrait of American life The voices here connect us to real people and their lives to their experiences of profound joy, sadness, courage and despair, to good times and hard times, to good deeds and misdeeds To read this book is to be reminded of how rich and varied the American storybook truly is, how resistant to easy categorization or caricature Above all, this book honors the gift each StoryCorps participant has made, from the raw material of his or her life, to the Americans who will come after We are our history, individually and collectively, and Listening Is an Act of Love touchingly reminds us of this powerful truth.
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    1. I edited this Listening is an act of love Even if I weren t already a huge fan of NPR s StoryCorps, that statement alone would have caught my eye Nine times out of ten I come into work on Friday mornings sniffly and red eyed from having listened to StoryCorps during Morning Edition Just getting 100 pages into the book today during my lunch hour already had me tearing up, so maybe I ll have to restrict reading it to only occasions when I won t look like a lunatic from weeping over a book What cou [...]

    2. Short piece with questions and answers from a variety of individuals It was interesting to hear what people had to say in their own words but these are really short pieces and I have to admit that I wanted a bit .

    3. You need to know somethings about my family and me before I tell you what I thought about this book We are TALKERS We are debaters, theorizers, and lamenters I mean we can REALLY TALK A LOT So much so, that I am considered the down to earth one because It s not uncommon for me to announce that I m not interested in talking about that any, that topic bores me, you re being too theoretical for me to follow you any etc, etc, etc I m replacing down to earth with the sentiment that could probably be [...]

    4. I am making my way through this extraordinary book we saw the Storycorps booth in NYC in Grand Central and thought that it was a wonderful idea and then moved on with the crowd I suppose that is what strikes me as I read this if we don t consciously sit down and map out the foundation of our roots through the sharing of stories with loved ones then we are lost on the road I wish I had asked so many questions of my grandmother She emanated such light and some striking dark tones I am most intere [...]

    5. I love the story of the StoryCorps project and its mission to record the stories of all kinds of people I always make time to listen to the featured podcasts and this is the second compilation of stories from the project that I have read They are filled with wisdom and love and struggle and joy The stories that touched me the most in this book were the ones from the Journeys section An uplifting read.

    6. The StoryCorps Project is dedicated to collecting and preserving the stories of ordinary Americans for future generations People participate by being interviewed at the Storycorps booth in New York City or at one of the mobile recording booths traveling the country they can choose to be interviewed by a relative or friend, or by a Storycorps facilitator Selected stories are read on NPR every Friday morning and all are stored in the Library of Congress subject to the participant s signing a relea [...]

    7. Listening Is an Act of Love is a book of short stories that are filled with slices of everyday life, from normal, everyday people, just like you and me The only difference between us is that they visited a StoryCorps booth in New York city or a mobile recording booth and committed their story to audio CDs The CDs are then archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress Excerpts from their stories which are in interview format are played on NPR s Morning Edition This book is c [...]

    8. This book earned 5 stars in my mind for reasons other than the typical ones for which I give a high rating I have recently repented of giving too many 5 stars in the past and am now experimenting with being discrimating in my ratings Usually a 5 star book for me includes masterful use of the English language most anything by Nabokov or incredible insight into human nature and the human condition Tolstoy or George Eliot or a wonderful mix of wit, style, brilliant storytelling and incisive insigh [...]

    9. Actually, I m listening to this via audiobook I wanted to hear the people s voices tell their own stories I finally sat down and listened to the entire CD I am in awe of these stories, of the people who lived them, and who were brave enough to tell them on tape and submit them to the Library of Congress.The story that affected me most was from a Brooklyn man talking about his fiance who died in the World Trade Center towers on September 11th You can hear the love in his voice for her and the rag [...]

    10. These stories will bring out every emotion in you They may remind you of your parents or your grandparents, or others, friends, or you may learn things about different places, different life views Some are heartbreaking All are worth reading They all will tug at your heartstrings In some houses maybe there s music playing in the background I don t remember any music ever playing in the background because the music of our lives was the voices They were able to turn the ordinary into something abs [...]

    11. This is a very charming companion to the radio series run on NPR that allows two people to interview one another and share their own personal stories there s a booth in Grand Central Station and many others around the country go sign up.You can read the individual stories very quickly This is absolutely a book that can be picked up and put down all the time I can t say it s quite the same as hearing the on air segments where the power of the human voice can move you to tears The reality of someo [...]

    12. Wow,unless you have a heart of solid stone do not attempt to read this in public The stories people shared with their loved ones and the rest of us are so sweet, so tragic, so simple, so profoundThis is an amazingly uplifting look at the heart of humanity and it is well worth reading.

    13. StoryCorps launched on NPR just thirteen years ago And in that time, the Friday morning feature on Morning Edition settled in as an essential feature Editors trim the best forty minute conversations to a four minute piece for radio This book includes forty nine stories, edited for print Studs Terkel, in his nineties, flew from Chicago to cut the ribbon at Grand Central Terminal when StoryCorps opened its first booth Two years later, StoryCorps became a national project when it launched two mobil [...]

    14. I appreciate the idea behind the project Everyone does have an important story to tell Some of the stories included here were powerful otherwise bordered on the sweet and sentimental.

    15. I am a huge fan of StoryCorps and this book reinforced my feelings The stories of everyday humans can be inspiring and very emotional We live in an amazing country full of fascinating people If we all listened to each other a little we would likely be better off.

    16. When they opened up the first StoryCorps booth they flew in a 91 year old Studs Terkel to cut the ribbon We re in Grand Central Station We know there was an architect, but who hung the iron Who were the brick masons Who swept the floors These are the noncelebrated people of our country In this booth the noncelebrated will speak their lives And suddenly they will realize that they are the ones who have built this country And see I BELIEVE in that vision Which is what made my immediate dislike fo [...]

    17. NPR StoryCorps collected the stories of everyday Americans from across the country recording memories from every walk of life The project is remarkable and truly supports the phrase that everyone has a story to tell I loved this book and the title Listening is an Act of Love American s hectic lifestyle and constant distractions rarely allow the time to really sit and listen to one another People are basically good We have universal experiences and unique experiences This book is a beautiful remi [...]

    18. if we take the time to listen, we ll find wisdom, wonder, and poetry in the lives and stories of the people all around us That we all want to know our lives have mattered and we won t ever be forgotten That listening is an act of love One of the things that has accompanied me, followed me, surrounded me, wrapped me, is that feeling of gratitude for whatever happens The event was like beig picked up by the scruff of the neck and shaken And God says, This is your only life Just be grateful for it [...]

    19. I hadn t heard of StoryCorps mission before, but I do love to watch BTU TV s series called TheTurning Point and The Story Trek, which are similar ideas The book is a compilation of interviews done by two people who know each other One person asks the questions and then listens to their friend s responses The idea is that the details of the lives of ordinary human beings any random human being are compelling than the best Hollywood movie or TV show StoryCorps gives a copy of the interview to the [...]

    20. I have not been a StoryCorps listener, but after reading this book, I m planning to become one My book club selected this book, but there actually wasn t much to discuss, unlike other books we ve read I d say it s a great book to read, not a great book for book club.I had several favorite stories, but the interviews in the last portion of the book Fire and Water were the most moving and memorable Four of them were very touching a story from a survivor who made it out of one of the WTC Towers ali [...]

    21. I m not so sure that everyone will enjoy this book as much as I did, but it is an inspiring look in the lives of everyday Americans and their history, memories, and most importantly their stories By design it is fragmented into anecdotal excerpts that are transcribed from the best bites of NPR s Storycorps Specifically, the author compiled those stories that would work well on paper While some of the stories focus on major events in an individual s life, there are a number of sections of the boo [...]

    22. I love StoryCorps This book has some very good stories from the series, and in a variety that shows the kinds of stories that have developed At the end of the book, Dave Isay adds information on doing interviews that every family should make part of their family reunions I m not a short story reader Dave Isay says at the end of the book that the StoryCorps stories included in this book vary from the original format because instead of being listeners, we become readers The stories still have powe [...]

    23. First of all, let me say that StoryCorps could very well be one of my most favorite things about NPR It feels like a gift to read these intimate moments in peoples lives Who would think that opening up to another person and recording it for prosperity could be such a captivating thing Maybe it just goes to show in this hectic world how seldom we really do listen to one another or share stories about what is important to us Most of all this book makes me happy that personal accounts of all types [...]

    24. Thanks, Kate A selection of narratives from the StoryCorps Project that were compartmentalized into chapters based on what the person was talking about This book does seem to make truth of the idea that every ordinary and even extraordinary person has something worthwhile to say My favorite chapter was History Struggle , particularly the story within the chapter about the young woman and her odiferous year in North Dakota Of course, the stories in the chapter Fire Ice surrounding Hurricane Katri [...]

    25. With earbuds in I listened to the audiobook version of Listening Is an Act of Love Hearing the voices, the sighs, and little changes of tone gave each story it s own dynamic and life that I sincerely believe would not have been there if I had just read their words We all have a story Some stories are brave and honorable, others a trip down the wrong life path for a time Some stories are buried deep in the soul waiting to be released and accepted by family and the world I hope someday we all get [...]

    26. I ve only discovered public radio in the past few years, as I began making the bi monthly drive to and from South Jersey As with the other great things in life becoming an avid library user, learning to operate a motor vehicle I m pretty late to the game I love the idea of the Storycorp, but I m not sure what I was looking for when I picked up this book It has a wide range of stories from all different strokes of life, including a section on 9 11 and Katrina that reduced me to tears on the PATH [...]

    27. I am a huge fan of StoryCorps on NPR I m making my way through the three collections I gave this book four stars because while there are many incredibly powerful stories that touched me deeply, there were just as many with which I just couldn t connect, and it takes away from the experience a little bit when you re not drawn into the story The Journey and the Fire Water sections are tearjerkers, and my favorite sections The Work section was pretty dynamic too Be sure to check out the StoryCorps [...]

    28. I found these stories absolutely fascinating Wow, it s a little astounding how touching and moving the stories of ordinary people are We are really all in this together and so much alike than we think And not only a wonderful book but a fantastic program of listening and recording oral histories I am bookmarking the website I feel very grateful for finding this book and will find a way to good way to pass it on for others to enjoy.

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