Finding Casey

Finding Casey

Jo-Ann Mapson / Feb 29, 2020
Finding Casey Glory Vigil newly married unexpectedly pregnant at forty one is nesting in the home she and her husband Joseph have just moved to in Santa Fe a house that unbeknownst to them is rud to have a re
  • Title: Finding Casey
  • Author: Jo-Ann Mapson
  • ISBN: 9781608197637
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Glory Vigil, newly married, unexpectedly pregnant at forty one, is nesting in the home she and her husband, Joseph, have just moved to in Santa Fe, a house that unbeknownst to them is rud to have a resident ghost Their adopted daughter, Juniper, is home from college for Thanksgiving and in love for the very first time, quickly learning how a relationship changes everyGlory Vigil, newly married, unexpectedly pregnant at forty one, is nesting in the home she and her husband, Joseph, have just moved to in Santa Fe, a house that unbeknownst to them is rud to have a resident ghost Their adopted daughter, Juniper, is home from college for Thanksgiving and in love for the very first time, quickly learning how a relationship changes everything But Juniper has a tiny arrow lodged in her heart, a leftover shard from the day eight years earlier when her sister, Casey, disappeared in a time before she d ever met Glory and Joseph When a fieldwork course takes Juniper to a pueblo only a few hours away, she finds herself right back in the past she thought she d finally buried.A love story, a family story, a story of searching and the bond between sisters, Finding Casey is a testament to human resilience This completely stand alone novel, featuring beloved characters from Solomon s Oak, will charm Mapson s readers and move her into a larger sphere.
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        Jo Ann Mapson, a third generation Californian, grew up in Fullerton as a middle child with four siblings She dropped out of college to marry, but later finished a creative writing degree at California State University, Long Beach Following her son s birth in 1978, Mapson worked an assortment of odd jobs teaching horseback riding, cleaning houses, typing resumes, and working retail After earning a graduate degree from Vermont College s low residency program, she taught at Orange Coast College for six years before turning to full time writing in 1996 Mapson is the author of the acclaimed novels Shadow Ranch, Blue Rodeo, Hank Chloe, and Loving Chloe The land is as much a character as the people, Mapson has said Whether writing about the stark beauty of a California canyon or the poverty of an Arizona reservation, Mapson s landscapes are imbued with life Setting her fiction in the Southwest, Mapson writes about a region that she knows well after growing up in California and living for a time in Arizona and NewMexico, Mapson lives today in Costa Mesa, California She attributes her focus on setting to the influence of Wallace Stegner.Like many of her characters, Mapson has ridden horses since she was a child She owns a 35 year old Appaloosa and has said that she learned about writing from learning to jump her horse, Tonto I realized, she said, that the same thing that had been wrong with my riding was the same thing that had been wrong with my writing In riding there is a term called the moment of suspension, when you re over the fence, just hanging in the air I had to give myself up to it, let go, trust the motion Once I got that right, everything fell into place.


    1. i won a copy of this on jo ann mapson s facebook page and absolutely loved it it follows glory,joseph, and juniper, the characters from solomon s oakpson s characters are so real i feel like they are friends of mine i hope she continues to write about them

    2. Although Finding Casey is the sequel to Jo Ann Mapson s 2010 novel Solomon s Oak, readers can still enjoy it as a stand alone story due to the author s expertise in providing background details whilst not straying from the current plot.Finding Casey finds Glory, her new husband Joseph and their adopted daughter Juniper living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, having left California behind to make a new life for themselves All three of the main characters have troubled pasts Glory lost her beloved first h [...]

    3. I received this book from the First Reads Giveaway.I loved Finding Casey, I though it was a wonderful book I actually haven t read Solomon s Oak yet, but I ll definitely look it up Just a warning, there will be spoilers included in this review, so do not read further if you don t want to read them It is a story set in Santa Fe of Glory Vigil who had just become pregnant at the age of 40 That is quite an old age to be pregnant, so we see her worries and difficulties This book changes perspectives [...]

    4. This book drove me crazy I was struggling to get through it The first 2 3 of the book dragged on and had no intrigue There was good character build up, but i found the dialogue at times boring and some parts were unnecessary Also, there were a lot of Spanish words thrown around that i tended to skip because i had no clue what they meant The idea was good, but i just found it a real struggle I don t really understand why the ghost was incorporated, as it was only mentioned a few times with no rea [...]

    5. charlotteswebofbooks.Set against the beautiful Fall backdrop of Santa Fe we get to know these families in an intimate way I really enjoyed Joe, Glory, and Junniper The whole family dynamic at Thanksgiving was interesting with Glory s sister and mom there OH I forgot a very important character, Dolores, the ghost who shares their home She certainly adds character to the story, but at times it felt really forced My heart really went out to Laurel Her anxiety about being away from Seth probably cam [...]

    6. I loved this book I haven t read Solomon s Oak which has the same charachters, but I don t think you needed to It wasn t a sequel where you needed to read the previous one The characters were great and the description of New Mexico was wonderful I really liked the story The ending was not a disappointment either I highly reccomend it and it doesn t take too long to read I can t wait to read Solomon s Oak.

    7. I truly enjoyed this book It was a light, easy read and the author did a fantastic job creating the atmosphere and setting so I could picture exactly what was happening and watch it play out in my mind The ending was one of my favorite parts Great book Would recommend

    8. Sequel to solomons oak Have really enjoyed what I ve read by this author Found myself lol and tearing up thru each book I ve read Another entertaining great read

    9. A vivid and emotive portrait of family ties, Finding Casey is a beautiful story of discovery and lives coming full circle The story picks up several years after Solomon s Oak 2010 left off I read that a couple of years ago and loved it, so the chance to find out what happened next was not one I wanted to pass by Solomon s Oak introduced Juniper, a wary, traumatised teen whose sister went missing without a trace, to Glory, a foster carer trying to pick up her life after her beloved husband died A [...]

    10. Finding Casey tells the story of how a young girl s kidnapping years ago affects the lives of so others across the years We meet Juniper, Casey s sister, and her adoptive family eight years after the abduction Their lives, and how they came to be together, are told along with the story of another young woman who has defied everyone in her community to take her daughter to the hospital.This book was definitely worth reading, although I am glad I read it from the library The characters and the sto [...]

    11. In an old house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Glory And Joseph Vigil settle in to nest Leaving behind the home at Solomon s Oak, in California, was a big step, but from the first moment that Glory sees this crumbling dwelling, she feels connected to it.Its old bones, its history, and possibly its ghost all combine to help this family begin again.Juniper, the adopted daughter of Glory and Joseph, and formerly a foster child, is also renewing her life, leaving behind almost the painful memories of her [...]

    12. I love Mapson s books so I knew as soon as I saw this new title I had to read it I didn t know that it would continue the story of Glory from Mapson s earlier Solomon s Oak Glory is settled with her second husband Joe and their adopted daughter Juniper Juniper was a lost teen ager when she first met Glory Her sister, Casey, had gone missing, her father had walked out and her mother had committed suicide Now, years later, Juniper is an accelerated college student studying anthropology The scars o [...]

    13. I didn t realize until I had finished this very enjoyable book and looked up reviews, that I was reading a sequel Solomon s Oak tells the back story of Glory Vigil and how she got to New Mexico with her new husband and Juniper, their adopted daughter whose sister, Casey, has been missing for several years Juniper is an anthropology major in college, happy in her new life with her adopted family, but always in the back of her mind is the question whether Casey is still alive, and will she ever re [...]

    14. Just needed something quick and easy to get involved with Not exactly that kind of book The setting, New Mexico, was fascinating to me The characters, a mixed bag Loved and believed Glory and Joe, but Juniper and her boyfriend, not so much When she gets involved with Chico, it s a bit interestingbut the simultaneous plot Juniper s sister, Casey, is way weird and upsetting A Martha, Marcy, May Marlene kind of story Way weird The plot is so neatly wrapped up, it s ridiculous, and yet, it was just [...]

    15. FINDING CASEYJo Ann MapsonFINDING CASEY is a book about families, ghosts and the bonding between sisters.Glory Vigil, pregnant at 41 has a whole new life nesting in her New Mexico style home with her husband in Santa Fe Her adopted daughter, Juniper is home from college for Thanksgiving but remains haunted by the disappearance of her sister Glory s sister also arrives for the holidays after being dumped by her husband.The binds of family are unbreakable and this is a wonderful journey into the d [...]

    16. I received this book from giveaways I had previously read Solomon s Oak by this same author and, although you do not have to have read that book to pick this one up, it really helped me attach to the characters on a deeper level I enjoyed this book a lot The author s style is unique and riveting It was interesting to get a look at Juniper and Glory s lives a few years down the line from where we left them in Solomon s Oak I especially enjoyed Juniper s growth The introduction of Laurel s charact [...]

    17. What a wonderful storyteller this author is A compact story that charms as well as packs a whallop of a punch A tale of second chances and new beginnings, a family reinvents it s self.Glory and Joseph Vigil, middle aged, newly married, along with their adopted, teen age daughter, Juniper, settle in history rich Santa Fe Finding a house big on charm and short on practicality, they live their lives rich in love Also with a ghost they call Delores Glory, unexpectedly finds herself pregnant, her sis [...]

    18. I received this book as a good reads first read.Finding Casey was really enjoyable, much than I had anticipated I loved how Mapsen painted the picture of New Mexico being from the other side of the country I haven t yet visited but I was able to picture the scenery and somewhat grasp the culture based on the descriptions in the book There are two storylines going on and it was interesting to see how the stories developed,and to try to anticipate how the would come together in the end My only co [...]

    19. This was a sweet story with likeable characters and occasionally some very humorous dialogue There are two alternating stories that don t converge until near the end, with dramatic results The various characters are touched by loss, evil, good fortune, and love, with a ghost woven into the mix for good measure.What I most enjoyed was the richly layered setting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with enough detail about places, customs, and local traditions to endear it to those of us who know and love tha [...]

    20. I picked up Finding Casey without realizing that it was a sequel to Solomon s Oak However, this in no way detracted from the fullness of the story The book is set in Sante Fe and includes gorgeous descriptions of the desert and its folk arts The novel follows two story lines which intertwine towards the end of the book Mapson tells truths about sisters and family and the things we do to heal pain.

    21. Not my favorite Mapson novel, but anything she writes is better than most Women s Fiction The first half of the book is slow but if you are patient the seemingly inconsequential details come together in the last memorable 50 pages, in which so much happens that you wish she would slow down the narrative a little Calls out for a sequel, although Finding Casey is itself a sequel to the much superior Solomon s Oak.

    22. 3.5 stars.I did t know this was a sequel when I started to read it, but I enjoyed the story anyway I will go read the first book, Soloman s Oak.takes place in New Mexico I loved the feel of the story, the characters were likable well developed Many things came together it was a good solid story

    23. Liked this book it had interesting parallel story lines, one of which reminded me of Room and the link between the 2 was easy to predict Interesting if a little romanticised insight in to Asante Fe culture and history An easy read Hadn t realised before coming on to that it was a sequel thought hat makes sense as I did feel sometimes I was in the middle of another story

    24. Set in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, Finding Casey picks up where Solomon s Oak leaves off The shadow of Casey s disappearance continues to haunt Glory, Joseph, and Juniper Vigil The New Mexico setting functions as a character in the story and the beauty of the country, history and resilient character of the people are authentically portrayed Recommended by Eileen J.

    25. I liked this book, and the one that came before, Solomon s Oak Sometimes a little slow, but the story does move forward and I came to care for the characters I was afraid at first it was a ghost story and I can t abide those , but it isn t It s a story of different kinds of broken hearts and how they came to be mended.

    26. I didn t know this was a sequel to Solomon s Oak until I got it from the library and started reading it It was a very good book The ending was kind of abrupt, and it feels like there could be another sequel there There was still so much story to be told I sure hope Ms Mapson continues the story of the Solomon Vigil family

    27. I have never read a Jo Ann Mapson book that I didn t love and this one is not an exception As the sequel to Solomon s Oak Ms Mapson re engaged me in character s lives with whom I already had fallen in love Not only did she tie up some loose ends, she left enough new ones for a third book I can t wait

    28. This book is a continuation of the story that was told in Solomon s Oak The setting is in the Albuquerque Santa Fe, New Mexico area which I just love so I enjoyed this aspect very much.It seemed to me that a great deal of this story was very similar to the real life story of the abduction of Jaycee Dugard.Wonder if there will be a third book I hope so.

    29. I really enjoyed this book It stands alone, but it s best to read Solomon s Oak first as it continues the story of the characters from that book This is a story about bad things happening to people how families can let you down, but also how they can pick you up how love can be found in unexpected places, about the bond of sisters A good book to start off the new year.

    30. Yet another fantastic book from Jo Ann Mapson She never fails to deliver a quirky tale of family life with great characters I just love her books.

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